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Saturday, 23 June 2012

ARC Review: Fallen Angel by Eden Bradley

 Fallen Angel
by Eden Bradley

This book had me confused.  Starting off with the beautiful naked woman that seems to fall off the sky (or was it a cliff) at the feet of the hero who was taking a walk along the beach with his dog.  Declan has an instant connection with her (and yes I made myself hope that the connection wasn't just the fact that he was checking out the bloody and battered womans breasts).

Declan gets her to the hospital and stays with her through operations and recovery time.  He's there for her when she wakes up not knowing much about the real world.  Could she really be an angel or just that innocent to not even know how people live?  But Declan is the support that she leans on to discover herself and how to face this new world.

All throughout the story she actually sees Asmodeus, the demon who had trained her in the art of seduction.  Him and The Grandmother were responsible for raising her and were all she knew.  But what is real and what isn't?  Had she really been an angel and trained by a demon?

Declan is no stranger to issues himself.  I was a bit disconnected from him actually and at times he was extremely aggravating.  My main problem with him was actually his anger towards his father who many years after his mom passed away had now found another woman to make a life with.  And Declan thought that was unacceptable to the point of almost not talking to his father.

Angel on the other hand was such a fragile character I'm not sure she was ready to be in a relationship, or at least it wouldn't be a very healthy one.  I would've liked to see her more independent and finding her own two feet, even though she did. 

There is quite a bit of sex in this book, some at even the oddest times and circumstances, because these two just couldn't keep their hands off each other.

The ending was a shocker! I couldn't have seen that coming at all and it gave a whole new meaning to the book. 

Fallen Angel is not my favorite book by Ms. Bradley, it's certainly something different than what I'm used to seeing from her and certainly not what I expected.

*ARC provided by author
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Nikki said...

I've heard a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I have it on my review shelf as well.

Maria D. said...

I've read a lot of reviews with similar issues with this book...both good and bad points and that it's really different from what they've read before by this author. I have it on my Kindle and will have to see what I think

Unknown said...

Look forward to see what you both think. It is different than other stuff I've read by this author.