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Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: Still Into You by Roni Loren

4.5 Feathers
Still Into You
by Roni Loren
(Loving on the Edge # 1.5)

OK people, it's official!  I am a Roni Loren fan!  You know when you read that first book by a new to you author and you LOVE it and then you think to yourself, maybe that was a lucky book.  Well I can honestly say I just love Roni Loren's writing style.

In this short story she managed to catch my interest from the very first page, and that's without having any knowledge about the characters in this story (at least not that I can remember) from the previous book.

Seth and Leila dated in high school and then she got pregnant.  He did the right thing and they got married.  Now eight years later it seems that their marriage might need some help.  He's been working long hours to give her what she was used to growing up.  She is craving the love and attention from the boy she fell in love with.

I think this story touches on something that happens to most couples, falling into routines and the rut of daily life.  But it's also about the self discovery that Leila goes through. Being so young when she became a wife and a mother, she never had the opportunity to explore what she wanted.  But now Seth is giving her that chance and learning some things he likes as well that he never thought he would.  Making their bond only stronger.

We also get introduced to two very sexy Doms that I just can't wait to read more about, especially Master Van.  He just seems deliciously wicked and tender and caring at the same time.

But let me warn you....this is one hot little short story!  If you haven't read this series, do yourself a favor and go get it now!

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C.S. Maxwell said...

I seriously LURVE Roni---and need to get this book. Great review!

Tina B said...

Thank you for the great review and recommendation. It sounds intriguing. Would you suggest to read the first book in the series before trying this one?

Unknown said...

Thanks Trish! Another Roni lover, see I knew we were soulmates!

@Tina, thanks! This story is not connected with book one so if you wanted to try out the author to see how you like her you could just read this one. But I loved the first book, so I'd highly recommend it.


Tina B said...

Thank you Francesca! I will do just that. :)

Landry Breaux said...

Thanks for sharing. I willing look for Roni's stories. I appreciate the recommendation.