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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Golden Trail by Kristen Ashley

3.5 Feathers
Golden Trail
(The 'Burg #3)
by Kristen Ashley

Raquel "Rocky" Merrick walked away from Tanner Layne without ever giving an explanation, but 18 years later, Layne has an ex wife and two boys, but he still can't get Rocky out of his head. Especially when she starts planning something crazy and dangerous, somthing that weeks earlier got him shot 3 times. Determined to stop her doing something risky he comes up with a plan that will not only help him catch the bad guy, but also get him close to Rocky again.

This has got to be the only book of Kristen Ashley's I have read where it is entirely from the guy's POV. For me, this was a double edged sword, I liked seeing things from the guys perspective for once, and I got to know Layne a lot better then I would normally know the hero of the story, but although I liked Rocky, I never felt a big connection with her like I did Vi and Feb in the previous books. We definitely needed a big scoop of Rocky in this book.

What was great about this book though was, seeing Layne's realtionship grow not only with Rocky, but with Jasper and Tripp as well, Layne's teenage sons. They were such a great family unit and damn do they grow teenage boys like that in America? I don't remember any guys as hot and as sweet as Jas and Tripp in my school! I loved that we got a little romance going on with Jasper and Keira, Vi's daughter from At Peace, I love a secondary romance, even if it was only a small one.

This book also had a lot more action and suspense stuff in it. I think this is a by product of it being entirely from Layne's POV. We got to see all he was doing to bring down the bad guys, when normally if it was from Rocky's POV that wouldn't happen as we all know that KA's uber manly alpha males do their best to keep their women out of the action, and Layne was no different.

Golden Trail wasn't my favourite in the series, but it was still a fantastic read and I enjoyed every word.
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Nikki said...

Interesting. I've been seeing this authors'a name pop up a lot recently. I'm going to have to check out her books.

Kathleen O said...

I have never read this author, but I think this a good one to start with...

Sophia Rose said...

I haven't read this series and its new to me. Thanks for the intro and review!

Maria D. said...

Good review, I haven't read this series and I'm not sure how I feel about reading a book from the guy's POV but it does sound different.