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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Possess Me At Midnight by Shayla Black

Possess Me at Midnight
by Shayla Black
(Doomsday Brethren # 3)

You know how in every series there's one tortured hero?  Well this is it!  Let me introduce you to Isdernus Rykard... better known as ICE!  He is also considered a mad man by most everyone.  He's from a lower class, has been a warrior for centuries, joined the Doomsday Brethren after a personal tragedy and now there's bad blood between him and Bram.  Funny thing is, his mate is Bram's sister.

But there are many reasons why being with Sabelle is unattainable to him, not just that her brother would never approve of him in particular because he hates him but also because she's one of Merlin's descendents, he's a Deprived.  A mating between them would be frowned upon.  When it comes to protecting her and the Doomsday Diary after they are attacked, he can't fight instinct...and he does what comes natural, he Calls to her.

This is definitely my favorite book in the series so far.  The main characters were both amazing and they also sacrificed for the greater good.  Ice is...well.....in one word, intense.  I just want to find my own Ice.  His loyalty to the Brethren, to his family, to his people, but most of all to the woman he loves, are unparalleled.  Sabelle I felt changed a bit in this book, where I saw her a bit more kick ass in previous books she wasn't as much in this one.  But as a couple, the best!

And now here comes the kicker...you know how much I love Bram's character, correct?  Well I wanted to kick his arse into the next book!  The way he treated Ice and looked down on him, how he turned his back on him centuries ago which is what caused their issues, and even how he wanted to manipulate his sister in this book.  Arghhhhhh he has some redeeming to do in my eyes.

You know who doesn't have to do any redeeming?  Shock!  He's badass, he's good, he's bad, you don't know if you can trust him, and he's sexy as hell. 

The whole storyline developed quite a bit in this book as Matthias is now trying to get a seat in the Council and he's going to great lengths to make sure positions "open up".  I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Maria D. said...

Great review! I definitely have to get back on track with this series and catch up:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Maria! Sounds like you have some reading to do ;)


Christina said...

Thanks for the review. I have a couple of these books in my TBR pile. You make me want to read them NOW! ;)

Unknown said...

I've had them on my TBR for a while too. Hope you get to start them soon.