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Friday, 22 June 2012

Review: Action by Liz Borino

3.5 Feathers
by Liz Borino
(Ben's Life # 1)

Here's what sold me on this story... Hollywood, m/m, BDSM.  How could I pass that up?  This story starts with Zack and Steve already in a relationship, actually they've been together for three years.  Zack is an actor, the lead on a TV show and still in the closet to the general population, Steve is the director of said TV show and openly gay.  They started their relationship when the show started and now live together and have a D/s relationship.

Pause here for just a second because I found it a bit weird that they lived together and no one from the higher ups of the studio that signs their paychecks would've noticed that they had the same address.

OK moving on now.  Both men have things they've had to overcome and they've both done it their own way.  Maybe some issues they just swept under the rug.  And everything comes to the surface together when their relationship is exposed, their jobs are on the line, and they both have to deal with .... their moms!  

I did find the two characters to complement each other and be just what the other needed to heal and find acceptance.  It was very sweet to see Steve stand up for his lover and protect him, give him the strength to face things he wouldn't have otherwise.  And yeah, there was some pretty hot sex as well.

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