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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

ARC Review: Midnight's Lover by Donna Grant

4.5 Feathers
Midnight's Lover
by Donna Grant
(Dark Warriors # 2)

Out of all the Warriors in this series (and the Dark Swords), I have to say that I love Ian Kerr the best. There was just something so compelling about her character from the get-go and I found myself sympathizing with him as the book progressed.

Ian has been isolated for centuries because he doesn’t have control over his god, Farmire. As the god of battle, Farmire is always trying to get Ian to engage in battle or at least start a battle so Ian is in a constant state of tension, fearing that once he allows himself to relax, all hell will break lose.
He struggles with his god and so he isolates himself while he tries to tame the beast inside of him. Added to that is the grief he feels over his brother Duncan. So for centuries he has been alone and in pain. How can you not feel bad for someone like him?

The same goes for Danielle Buchanan, who is surprise, surprise – a Druid. With powers that allow her to touch objects and feel or hear their messages, she is thrust into a world that she had no idea existed. Danielle knows of her powers but doesn’t necessarily understand the vast capabilities that come along with it. I was thrilled to see a heroine who didn’t back away from threats when things got tough. I also happened to love the fact that she had so much faith in Ian.

This scene really captures it well, I think:
“I fought, Danielle. I had wyrran to kill. It kept Farmire content.”
She sat sideways against the door and learned her head on the iron. “He tried to gain control while we were shopping, remember? You didn’t let him. I know you have the willpower to stop him.”
“Do I?” Ian asked, and lifted his head to pin her with his stare. “Do i really? I’m lost, Danielle. I doona know who I am anymore.”
“I do,” she whispered. “You’re the man who saved me from creatures I didn’t know. You’re the man who pulled me from a frozen loch and warned me so I wouldn’t die. You’re the man who promised to bring me to the MacLeods even though you didn’t want to go. You’re the man who stood with Charon against dozens of wyrran intent on killing innocents. You’re the man who fought even though you knew there was a possibility Deirdre would take you. You’re the man who has kept me safe no matter what. And you’re the man who makes sweet love to me and holds me in the cold, dark hours of the night.”
“Maybe that man is gone.”
Dani smiled. “No. I’m looking at him. I have faith in you, Ian. Have faith in yourself.”
In comparison to the other books, I feel like MIDNIGHT’S LOVER paid a lot of attention on the romance between Ian and Danielle, which explains why I feel like this is a stronger book. I just believed that Ian and Danielle belonged together so kudos to Donna Grant for accomplishing that. I will also say that MIDNIGHT’S LOVER is favorite so far in the series!

The plot is tightly written and pulse-pounding. I find that Grant usually liked to gradually let events unfold in her books, but this one seemed to have jumpstarted quite early on in the story. It hooked me completely and held me captive until the very last page.

If you’re looking for an author who brings heat and heart in one tightly-written package, then Donna Grant will be a gift that makes your jaw drop. You don’t want to miss MIDNIGHT’S LOVER. 

*ARC provided by publisher

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Christina said...

Thanks for the review. I will have to take a peek at these. I haven't heard of this series before.

Unknown said...

Hey Christina, it's a new spin off series by Donna Grant. This is only the second book of the series so you can catch up in no time if you wish to! Enjoy!


Maria D. said...

Great review! I love Donna's work and can't wait to read this. I'm behind reading them but I am getting them for my tbr...lol

Unknown said...

Thanks Maria! This was my fave of the series so far!