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Thursday 31 May 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Jaye Wells + Gighul!

What's up Maidens! We have something special in store for you today! Urban Fantasy author Jaye Wells is here to talk about her latest and FINAL book in the Sabina Kane series. There is my cue to starting ugly-crying because I just adore this series! I don't want to see it end! But like Wells said, All good things come to an end. Now here's your chance to learn more about the book and of the series in case you haven't read it yet! For more information on Jaye Wells, be sure to check out her website here.

Now, Jaye has brought someone special with her today. Gighul, our favorite demon is here as well! So please help us welcome Jaye Wells and Gighul to Under the Covers!

First of all thank you so much for stopping by today (and of course for bringing Gighul with you!)  Blue- Blooded Vamp is the last Sabina Kane novel (I haz a sad). What can readers expect from this final installment in the series?

I can promise that the major story lines will be resolved and that readers are in store for another fast-paced adventure. It was a big challenge to wrap up such a detailed and complex story, but I’m very proud of the way everything turned out. I hope the readers are satisfied with the conclusion of her journey.

Do you have plans to write a new urban fantasy series?

I do! At this time, I’m not quit ready to spill the details, but hopefully I’ll be able to reveal some news soon.

How would you describe Sabina Kane's journey throughout the series? How would you say she has grown and developed?

It’s been a steep learning curve for her. She started out in such an unbalance, broken place, and she’s had to go through so much. She’s learned a lot about herself and how to have relationships throughout the series. She’s still not perfect, but perfection is overrated and boring, in my opinion.

I love Sabina's snark and strength. If Sabina was looking to have a drink with another urban fantasy heroine, who do you think she would call up and why?

Good question! I’d have to Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series or Genevieve Taylor from Suzanne McLeod’s Spellcrackers series. Part of Sabina’s journey was to get in touch with her magical side and those two ladies would have a lot to teach her about using her powers responsibly.

Gighul is one of the many things I love about this series. Why do you think readers get a kick out of the demon?

Who doesn’t love a snarky demon? Honestly, I think the reason they love him is the same reason I love him—he gives us a much-needed break from all the seriousness and tension. I’m always amused at how many readers tell me they have a crush on him. He’s this seven-foot-tall green-scaled, black horned demon who also appears as a hairless cat, but people think he’s sexy as hell. Just goes to show that humor is an amazing aphrodisiac, I guess.

If your series was turned into a movie, which actors and actresses would you cast as Sabina, Gighul and Adam?

Sabina would be either the actress who does the covers, Toni Busker or maybe Emma Stone (she kicked ass in Zombieland).
Adam would have to be Ryan Reynolds. I based his look on his role in Blade Trinity.
Giguhl would have to be someone like Alan Cummings or John C. Reilly. He’d be toughest to cast, I think.

Gighul!!! Thank you for stopping by as well and welcome to UTC.  Let's say you're gearing up for another one of your demon fight club matches. What do you do to warm-up?

The best way to prep for a battle is to flog the little demon, if you know what I mean. You can’t kick ass with too much demon baby batter on the brain. Seriously, it stings like a mofo.

You've just been told that you're opponent has backed out and now a bigger and meaner fighter is taking his place. What's the first thought that runs through your mind and what new tactic will you use to take this mofo down?

When in doubt, always go for the ‘nads. The Trampire taught me that.

If you could pick another urban fantasy hero or heroine to fight in a cage match, who would you pick and why?

I only fight demons in fight club. So instead of fighting a hero or heroine form UF, I’d have to fight the villains. Like that pansy Algaliarept from that hot bitch Rachel Morgan’s story. That said, I’d love to go a couple of rounds with that sexy selkie Jane True, but if there was Jello and whipped cream involved.

Congrats! You've just won a fight! How do you celebrate. Let's keep this PG now, you don't know whose eyes are watching.

Now you tell me I’m supposed to be PG. That stands for Pretty Gratuitous, right?
Fine, then. All I’ll say is there’s nothing like a game of “hide the pitchfork” with a few willing nymphs to celebrate a victory.

And lastly, if we host another Demon Fight Club, are you in?
That’s a rhetorical question, right?

 Here's your chance to win a copy of Blue-Blooded Vamp!  
US only.
The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series.

Sabina Kane is on the hunt. Her prey: Cain, the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered her family and her friends. Unfortunately, Cain is hunting Sabina, too. The one man who holds the key to defeating Cain is, of course, Abel. A mage with secrets to spare and, hopefully, the power to match it. Unfortunately, for Sabina, he's in Rome and may not want to be found.

Sabina sets out for Italy with her friends, Giguhl and Adam Lazarus, to track down the only man who can get her the revenge she hungers for. But will he help her or oppose her? And just who is Abel, really? Worst of all, when Sabina figures out the goddess Lilith has a plan for her-she realizes this trip is getting deadlier by the minute.

As they say: when in Rome-SURVIVE.
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ARC Review: Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

Blue-Blooded Vamp
by Jaye Wells
(Sabina Kane # 5)

Jaye Wells delivers in the epic conclusion to the Sabina Kane series. The half-vampire, half-mage kickass heroine readers have come to know as Sabina has her hands full as she tries to hunt down her next prey. This time the man she is after is far more powerful than the last enemy she faced down. The biggest, baddest chick is hellbent on exacting revenge on the man who murdered her friends and family , Cain – the father of the vampire race. Nothing is ever easy for Sabina because it seems that Cain also has his sights set on getting rid of her too.

The only way Sabina and her awesome demon sidekick, Gighul and sexy hexy boy toy, Adam Lazarus can defeat Cain is by finding Abel. However, it seems that locating Abel is a task in of itself. So Sabina is en route to Italy where Rome holds the solution to all her problems. There, she runs into people whom she never expected to encounter.

As the final book in the Sabina Kane series, I was expecting something epic, something that would give readers that one last shebang before we say goodbye to Sabina and the gang. Wells delivers a perfectly paced story with that that refreshing bite of humor that I can never resist. I plowed through this book even though I knew it was the last one. I meant to savor it, but those plans were promptly thrown out the window once I opened this book and read the first line. There’s just this ease to which Wells writes. It’s effortless, fast-paced and a guaranteed a good time.

Sabina Kane was grown throughout the entire series. She’s gone from a being a kickass tough girl with a chip on her shoulder to a daughter, a lover and a friend. Finally, the biggest, baddest girl on the block has opened her heart and allowed people to touch her life in a way that leaves her vulnerable. Sabina still has her trigger-happy temper, but now she has people in her life like Adam and Gighul to tell her to slow her roll.

I also have to mention Wells stellar plotting. Everyone who has made a significant appearance in the series is back in some way. It was nice to be able to recall those moments as we met them again in this last book. Wells does a great job of closing out a great series that has captured many hearts and spellbound readers of urban fantasy. It’s sad to say goodbye to the snarky Sabina, the horny demon and the sex hexy, but as the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” I just hope Wells has more up her sleeve to tide us over. I want more pitch-forked penises! 

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UTC Insider: June 2012

After a wonderful anniversary month we are back on full track bringing you a packed month full of author interviews, tours and guest posts.  Featuring reviews for more awesome books and giveaways you won't want to miss.

Author of the Month: Shayla Black
There are really no words to say how much we love Shayla Black.  A favorite here at UTC, we are more than happy to have her with us this month as our very special Author of the Month.  Stay tuned for a lot of Ms. Black surprises in June!

Author Appearances
Truly too many to list here!  But among the authors you will see here this month: Larissa Ione, Gena Showalter, Jaye Wells, Vivian Arend, Amanda Bonilla, Stacey Kennedy, Lorelei James, Erin McCarthy, Virginia Kantra, Eden Bradley and many more!

Reading on the Dark Side: Doomsday Brethren
Shayla Black is well known for her Wicked Lovers series, however we are bringing you her very sexy paranormal series, with just the right touch of magic.

Battle of the Covers: Shelley Bradley

Shayla/Shelley's historical books have been getting hot new covers and we want to know which ones you like best!

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Covers to Covet


Urban Fantasy author Amanda Carlson has released her gorgeous cover of her debut book, Full Blooded! Doesn't Jessica look like she can kick some ass?

I have to say that I'm really excited for you all to read this book! This series is promising, I can tell you that! Full Blooded is set to release in September 2012.

Preorder now:

Review: Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man
by Kristen Ashley
Dream Man #4

How can I be so sad, yet so unbelievably over the moon at the same time? See what you do to me Ms Ashley... I am a MESS! So let's get the sad out the way so we can get to the happy-happy-joy-joy...this is the last in the Dream Man series *cue sad faces* a series that first led to my rabid obsession with anything Kristen Ashley penned. Choc full of four delicious, testosterone fueled, hunky and sweet alpha males and the four women lucky and sassy enough to take them on (plus Elvira) I am going to miss them all and will just have to content myself with rereads and live in the hopes they make a few cameos in future books.

So on to the over-the-moon feelings...we finally get to see Tack in his full glory and DAYUM but if she didn't leave the best till last. Our Motorcycle Man may have started off as a bit of a dickhead, but reading on it all seemed to be part of the plan. Both Tack and Tyra (who I also LOVED, but I will get to that soon!) changed a little in this book or rather Tyra came out of her shell and Tack although he mishandled her a little at first, once he realized what he had in his hand, he knew he had to protect it and in true KA style that is exactly what he did. And the results were so sweet my teeth still ache.

Tyra. What. A. Chick. I mean if I didn't like her so such I would have to hate her for stealing Tack away from me (hey, don't take my delusions away from me!) I like that she had the courage to tell Tack to go swivel when he had gone too far and just generally give him sass when he needed it. They were such a perfect couple.

They weren't only a perfect couple personality wise, but also chemistry wise as well. I don't if it was just me but this book seemed way hotter then the rest of the Dream Man series. Not that it was drowned in sex, but Tack and Tyra definitely had a lot of sexual tension going on and when they got to it, it was pretty damn explosive!

I pretty much loved everything about this book, and although I am sad it is ending, I am also please that it ended on such a high point.

Purchase Links: Amazon

Review: Melt Into You by Lisa Plumley

Melt Into You
by Lisa Plumley

Damon Torrance has led a charmed life, his family owns a very successful chocolate business, he's devastatingly handsome, people (especially women) are drawn to his charisma and it seems everything he touches turns to gold. Of course, what would any successful businessman be without his faithful assistant? Natasha Jennings has finally had enough after 10 years of being Damon's assistant and bailing him out of trouble he has finally one a step too far and despite the feelings she has for him she quits and it seems she has taken Damon's luck with her...

If I could describe this book in three words it would be: funny, warm & cute. I have never read anything by Lisa Plumley before and I don't really read that much contemporary romance but this one was well worth cracking open.

The characters were charming and funny and I was rooting for them all the way through, I loved that they were such opposites and watching Natasha's responsible side run off on Damon was as adorable s watching Natasha taking on some of Damon's happy-go-lucky attitude.

What I liked most about this book though was the humour, stick me with a book that makes me laugh out loud then it is almost certainly guaranteed to get a higher rating and this was a great book to lounge around in the sun and enjoy the light hearted fun.

A great read that I would definitely recommend and I will be reading more Lisa Plumley in the future. 

*Review copy provided by publisher

Purchase Links: Amazon

Interview and Giveaway with Nalini Singh

We can't even begin tell you how excited we are to have here today the lovely Nalini Singh.  She's one of our favorite all time authors, both as a writer and as a person.  Please help us give her a warm welcome to UTC!

TANGLE OF NEED is your latest book! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Tangle of Need features SnowDancer Lieutenant, Riaz, and Senior Soldier, Adria. Riaz is a man who has already found his mate—only to discover that she is married, while Adria has just come out of a relationship that’s left her with deep emotional scars. Neither one of them is looking to get involved, least of all with one another.

This book also significantly progresses the overarching plot of the series, and sets a number of elements in place for what’s coming.

What do you think makes Riaz appealing and sexy?

When he’s not emotionally battered, he’s sensual and affectionate as only a wolf changeling can be. He’s also the kind of man who’ll take care of the woman he claims as his own in small but important ways that tell her he pays attention to her needs and wants.

As for when he’s brooding—there’s something to be said for tall, dark and dangerous. ;-)

The SnowDancers have been dominating the last two books. Have you decided who will have the next book after TANGLE OF NEED?


How many books do you have planned for the Psy Changeling series? Do you know how it will end?

The series has always been flexible in terms of the number of books—I’ve always felt I’ll write as many as it takes to tell the story. Having said that, I feel we’ll reach the end of the original story arc within the next two or three books, and it will be a strong conclusion, one that I believe will satisfy readers who’ve been following the arc from the first book.

After that, I’d like to write some spinoff books featuring characters or aspects of the world we’ve only had a chance to see in passing. There’s just so much to explore!

Which team are you on? Team DarkRiver or Team SnowDancer?

Never ask a writer to choose favorites from their own works! It’s an impossible task.

This may sound weird but we may have a bit of a crush on a certain rat, Teijan. Are you planning on giving him a book?

Teijan does have a certain charm to him, but no, I don’t plan on giving him a book. However, he may end up with a storyline in the series. We shall see.

You have created two very different, but very exciting and interesting new worlds in your two series. What gives you the ideas for them? Is it something you have to think and plan, or were the ideas already in your mind?

I tend to see a very strong mental image, or get a strong “what if” concept in my head, and then I just go for it. I sit down and write and see what happens.

Many readers have grown to love Illium aka Bluebell and are hoping to see him get a book. Do you have plans to give him a HEA?

I’d like to write about him, but only if it is the right story. I don’t want to rush things and short-change him.

Do you plan on doing a story for each of Raphael’s Seven? And if you are can you name Aodhan’s girl Suzanne?

Lol! The answer is the same as for the Illium question. It must be a natural process. I don’t want to force any one of them into a story.

Which of your heroes was hardest to write and which was easiest? Do you have any soft spots for any particular characters?

Each and every character is unique, so they all provide different challenges. I don’t think I can compare them. As for soft spots – see my earlier comment about favorites!

Are you planning on bringing out any merchandise for your books?

I occasionally think about this, but I’m not sure how much interest there’d be (show of hands if you’d like some!). Also, since I’d definitely want to be involved in the design process, it would mean a certain amount of time commitment on my part, even if someone else was handling the store, and I haven’t wanted to take on the extra project.

Now for some fun questions! If the SnowDancers had to team up with a pack from any other series, who do you think they would choose to join forces with?

Hmm… To be honest, they don’t really play well with others, not unless they’ve had years to develop trust with the other group (as with DarkRiver), so I think they’d prefer to go it alone.

If Hawke and Lucas met up with Raphael for a beer, would they get along, and what kind of things would they chat about?

Wow, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation? I think they would get along—they’re all strong men who know how to make tough decisions, and they respect the same kind of will in others. As for what they’d talk about...that is something I’ll leave to your imaginations.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past--one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal. For Adria, his dangerous lone-wolf appeal is beyond sexual. It consumes her. It terrifies her. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. But fighting their wild compulsion toward one another proves a losing battle.

Their coming together is an inferno...and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds. Only pleasure. Too late, they realize that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.

We have a mass market copy of any one of the earlier books in the series (winner’s choice) up for grabs to a US winner.  

To enter:
1. Be a follower
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Reading on the Dark Side: Psy-Changeling

The Psy-Changeling series is the perfect mix of sci-fi and hot shifters, with a lot of romance, explosive sexual tension and a world that draws you in.  It quickly became one of our favorite series! 


Nalini Singh dives into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind-and none of the heart.

In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed. To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of "rehabilitation" - the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever was...

Both human and animal, Lucas Hunter is a changeling hungry for the very sensations the Psy disdain. After centuries of uneasy coexistence, these two races are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several changeling women. Lucas is determined to find the Psy killer who butchered his packmate, and Sascha is his ticket into their closely guarded society. But he soon discovers that this ice-cold Psy is very capable of passion - and that the animal in him is fascinated by her. Caught between their conflicting worlds, Lucas and Sascha must remain bound to their identities - or sacrifice everything for a taste of darkest temptation...

Name: Lucas Hunter
Book: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Race: Changeling- Black panther leopard
Pack: Lucas is the DarkRiver Pack's Alpha
Mate: Sascha Duncan
Appearance:Gorgeous, with black shoulder length hair, golden skin and green eyes and claw marks on his face
Fantasy Cast: Eduardo Verastegui

Name: Sascha Duncan
Book: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Cardinal E (Empath) Psy
Mate: Lucas Hunter
Appearance: Asian heritage with long curly black hair, night sky (Cardinal eyes) eyes, curvy and beautiful.
Fantasy Cast: Kristen Kruek

The bestselling author of "Slave to Sensation" takes readers deeper into the world of the Psy and the changelings in this second novel of a sexy new trilogy, where a gifted woman sees passion in her future--a passion that is absolutely forbidden by her kind. Original.

Name: Vaughn D'Angelo
Book: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Race: Changeling- Jaguar
Pack: He is Senital in the DarkRiver pack.
Mate: Faith Nightstar
Appearance: A golden boy with his thick gold hair and eyes almost the same gold as his cats.
Fantasy Cast: Gabriel Aubry

Name: Faith NightStar
Book: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Caridnal F-Forseer- able to see the future which has been utilized by the Psy for business purposes.
Mate: Vaughn D'Angelo
Appearance: Petite with long red hair and caridnal eyes and beautiful skin.
Fantasy Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard

Nalini Singh explores new heights of sensuality, returning to the world of the Psy - where two people who know evil intimately must unlock the good within their icy hearts...

As an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy Council ranks, Judd Lauren was forced to do terrible things in the name of his people. Now he is a defector, and his dark abilities have made him the most deadly of assassins - cold, pitiless, unfeeling. Until he meets Brenna...

Brenna Shane Kincaid was an innocent before she was abducted - and had her mind violated - by a serial killer. Her sense of evil runs so deep, she fears she could become a killer herself. Then the first dead body is found, victim of a familiar madness. Judd is her only hope, yet her sensual changeling side rebels against the inhuman chill of his personality, even as desire explodes between them. Shocking and raw, their passion is a danger that threatens not only their hearts, but their very lives...

Name: Judd Lauren
Book: Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Tk-telekinetic- he is a rare Psy that is able to change matter on an atomic level. He used to an Arrow.
Pack: Has become part a lieutanent in the SnowDancer pack.
Mate: Brenna Kincaid
Appearance: Chocolate brown hair and brown eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Henry Cavill

Name: Brenna Kincaid
Book: Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer
Mate: Judd Lauren
Appearance: Blonde hair, with brown eyes shot with blue.
Fantasy Cast: Hayden Panettiere

Nalini Singh pulls away another dark layer of sheer desire, revealing passions unknown in her latest novel about the world of the Psy.

A woman returns from a leopard changeling's past, making him question his base animal instincts-and unlock the darkest secrets of his heart.

Name: Clay Bennett
Book: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Race: Changeling- leopard
Pack: DarkRiver Sentinel
Mate: Talin McKade, they were childhood friends but he was told she was killed
Appearance: Big with dark skin, green eyes and black hair
Fantasy Cast: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Name: Talin McKade
Book: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Race: Human- but has some Psy in her, which may be responsible for her terminal illness.
Pack: Becomes part of the DarkRiver pack
Mate: Clay Bennett
Appearance: Brown/gold hair and, grey eyes and freckled honeyed skin
Fantasy Cast: Jessica Biel

Nalini Singh writes paranormal romance at its best(PUBLISHERS WEEKLY).

Ashaya Aleine was separated from her son, forced to create a neural implant that will forever enslave her psychically gifted Psy race. After fighting a desperate battle to save her child and escape the PsyNet, she's lead not to safety, but into the lethal danger of a sniper's embrace.

Name: Dorian Christensen
Book: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Race: Changeling- Leopard, although his leopard is latent and he has been unable to shift.
Pack: Dark River Sentinel
Mate: Ashaya Aleine
Appearance: Looks like a surfer with his pale blonde hair, gold skin and blue eyes
Fantasy Cast: Alexander Skarsgard
Name: Ashaya Aleine
Book: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: M- medical- Psy
Mate: Dorian Christensen
Family: Has a twin sister named Amara
Appearance: Pale blue eyes with curly black hair, dark skin
Fantasy Cast: Alesha Dixon

The Psy/Changeling series is "PARANORMAL ROMANCE AT ITS BEST"

When a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped, DarkRiver sentinel Mercy, a cat, and SnowDancer lieutenant Riley, a wolf, must work together to track the young man-before his shadowy captors decide he's no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it'll leave them both branded by fire. (PUBLISHERS WEEKLY).

Name: Riley "The Wall" Kincaid
Book: Branded by Fire (Psy Changeling #6)
Race:Pack: SnowDancer Lieutenant, second only to Hawke
Mate: Mercy Smith
Appearance: Muscle bound with shoet chestnut hair and brown eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Eric Bana

Name: Melisande "Mercy" Smith
Book: Branded by Fire (Psy Changeling #6)
Race: Changeling- Leopard
Pack: DarkRiver Sentinel (the only female)
Mate: Riley Kincaid
Appearance: Long red hair, curvy, golden eyes and lethal
Fantasy Cast: Rose McGowan

Dev Santos finds a woman with amnesia-and all she can remember is that she's dangerous. Stripped of her memories by a shadowy oppressor and programmed to kill, Katya's only hope is Dev. But he could very well be her next target.

Name: Devraj Santos
Book:Race: Human, but has Psy in his family history and is able to control metal and machines.
Affliations: Is the Director of the Shine Foundation that help the Forgotten
Mate: Ekaterina "Katya" Haas
Appearance: Golden brown eyes, dark hair and golden skin
Fantasy Cast: Bruno Santos
Name: Ekaterina "Katya" Haas
Book: Blaze of Memory (Psy Changeling #7)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Has mid range telepathic and medical skills.
Mate: Dev Santos
Appearance: Slim with shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes
Fantasy Cast: Keira Knightley

View our feature on Nalini Singh’s Bonds of Justice.
Max Shannon is a good cop, one of the best in New York Enforcement. Born with a natural shield that protects him against Psy mental invasions, he knows he has little chance of advancement within the Psy- dominated power structure. The last case he expects to be assigned to is that of a murderer targeting a Psy Councilor's closest advisors. And the last woman he expects to compel him in the most sensual of ways is a Psy on the verge of catastrophic mental fracture.

Name: Max Shannon
Book: Bonds of Justice (Psy Changeling #8)
Race: Human
Affliations: Is a police detective but becomes head of security for Nikita Duncan
Mate: Sophia Russo
Appearance: Dark hair and eyes, olive skin and of Asian descent.
Fantasy Cast: Byung Hun Lee

Name: Sophia Russo
Book: Bonds of Justice (Psy Changeling #8)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: J- Justice- Psy
Mate: Max Shannon
Appearance: Curvy with short curly black hair and blue/purple eyes
Fantasy Cast: Kate Perry

In his position as tracker for the SnowDancer pack, it's up to Drew Kincaid to rein in rogue changelings who have lost control of their animal halves- even if it means killing those who have gone too far. But nothing in his life has prepared him for the battle he must now wage to win the heart of a woman who makes his body ignite... and who threatens to enslave his wolf.

Lietenant Indigo Riviere doesn't easily allow skin privileges, especially of the sensual kind- and the last person she expects to find herself craving is the most wickedly playful male in the den. Everything she knows tells her to pull back before the flames burn them both to ash... but she hasn't counted on Drew's will.

Now, two of SnowDancer's most stubborn wolves find themselves playing a hot, sexy game even as lethal danger stalks the very place they call home.

Name: Drew Kincaid
Book: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer- though not a lieutenant he is Hawkes eyes and ears as he can fit in with all the different groups within the pack.
Mate: Indy Rivers
Appearance: Blue eyes, golden skin and dark hair.
Fantasy Cast: Taylor Kitsch

Name: Indigo "Indy" Riviere
Book: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer Lietenant
Mate: Drew Kincaid
Appearance: very beautiful with blue eyes, black hair and pale skin
Fantasy Cast: Kat Dennings

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh's exhilarating world of shapeshifters and psychics is "paranormal romance at its best" (Publishers Weekly). Now comes the story of an alpha wolf named Hawke used to getting exactly what he wants--and of the only woman who dares tangle with him.

Since the moment of her defection from the PsyNet and into the SnowDancer wolf pack, Sienna Lauren has had one weakness. Hawke. Alpha and dangerous, he compels her to madness.

Hawke is used to walking alone, having lost the woman who would've been his mate long ago. But Sienna fascinates the primal heart of him, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf.

Then Sienna changes the rules and suddenly, there is no more distance, only the most intimate of battles between two people who were never meant to meet. Yet as they strip away each other's secrets in a storm of raw emotion, they must also ready themselves for a far more vicious fight…

A deadly enemy is out to destroy SnowDancer, striking at everything they hold dear, but it is Sienna's darkest secret that may yet savage the pack that is her home…and the alpha who is its heartbeat…

Name: Hawke Snow
Book: Kiss of Snow (Psy Changeling #10)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: Became Alpha of the SnowDancer pack at a very early age.
Mate: Sienna Lauren
Appearance: Silver gold hair, light blue eyes, muscular and tall.
Fantasy Cast: Eric Dane

Name: Sienna Lauren
Book: Kiss of Snow (Psy Changeling #10)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Cardinal X Psy- the only known Cardinal X to ever be born
Pack: Her and her family have been adopted by the SnowDancer pack
Mate: Hawke Snow
Appearance: Red hair, pale freckled skin and cardinal eyes
Fantasy Cast: Susan Coffey

Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past--one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal. For Adria, his dangerous lone-wolf appeal is beyond sexual. It consumes her. It terrifies her. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. But fighting their wild compulsion toward one another proves a losing battle.

Their coming together is an inferno...and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds. Only pleasure. Too late, they realize that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.

Name: Riaz
Book: Tangle of Need (Psy Changeling #11)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer- Senior Soldier
Mate: Adria- although he has the mate bond with another, he choses Adria
Appearance: Dark hair, golden eyes and honey coloured skin
Fantasy Cast: Andrei Andrei

Name: Adria Riviere
Book: Tangle of Need Psy Changeling #11)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer- Senior soldier although she is actually a dominant maternal female
Mate: Riaz
Appearance: Tall and lithe, black hair and blue eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Zooey Deschanel

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