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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Review: Defensive Zone by Bianca Sommerland

Defensive Zone
by Bianca Sommerland
(The Dartmouth Cobras # 2)
After reading Game Misconduct, I knew some discipline was coming Silvers' way. And she definitely got that! I think it helped me reading Ms. Sommerland's guest post here before reading the book to understand a bit more of the why and the emotional and mental implications of that discipline. If I had to compare this book with book one, I'd say the story was a lot deeper in my opinion. I felt Silver's connection to both Landon and Richter.

I loved that they are both Doms but they are so very different. In how they approach her submission and how they treat her and even their everyday actions. They are the perfect compliment to make her feel 100% treasured.
And once you see them separate, they both stole my attention!  Landon was sweet and caring and playful and just a guy I wanted to spend time with.  Then of course I learned something with him that I haven't heard of before.  Electroplay.  Yikes!  Not sure about that one, sounds a bit dangerous.  And then Dean is the older one, more experienced, more intense.  I was melting in puddles of goo at his feet everytime.  So hot!  Once you put them together, well... Silver is one lucky girl.

This was still very sexy, maybe a bit more fun and there are some new developments with the team and with the Delgado family.  It definitely sets up some interesting scenarios for the next book.

At only $3.99 you can't go wrong getting this book! It was amazing!

*Review copy provided by author

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Laurie said...

Thanks, I really need to start this series, I'm so ready after the posts you guys have had!

Maria D. said...

I really need to start this series...sounds like a scorcher! Thanks for the review

Toymaker said...

Electroplay is a LOT of fun! Bianca did an amazing job of expressing it properly in Defensive Zone.

- The Toymaker

Karen said...

This was a great book and I was so jealous of Silver!

Timitra said...

Great review Francesca...definitely looking forward to reading this book!