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Friday, 18 May 2012

Review: Temptation Rising by A.C. Arthur

Temptation Rising
by A.C. Arthur
(The Shadow Shifters # 1)

TEMPTATION RISING is the first book in a new series by A.C. Arthur. I was interested to read this book because one, I love shifters and two, I was looking for a new author to read.
I chose to read Arthur’s book because I liked how there was a greater emphasis on the suspense subplot. The heroine, Karina Harper is a Washington D.C. police officer and years ago, she was saved by a cat –like creature. This attack has haunted her now, two years later, she is working as an undercover agent for a powerful man named Roman Reynolds. Roman is suspected to be connected to a drug operation.
As an attorney with a lot of power and a killer smile to go with it, Karina’s instincts are on high alert, but not only because she is aware of his power, but also because she feels this undeniable attraction to him. Arthur does a great job of building up the sexual tension. She brings it in spades, but I thought that a lot of the sexual tension came too quickly in the story. There is no denying that Roman is a sexy, powerful man who always gets what he wants, but it just didn’t feel right when Karina is supposed to go in with a certain mindset of taking this guy down but then ends up pressed up against his work desk instead. I think a lot of it had to do with Roman’s presence, but it also diminished some of my liking for Karina, who simply gave in to his charms right away.
There’s a nice build up for the secondary characters in this book, which I think is a very good thing. Because although Karina didn’t stick out as a strong character in my eyes, I’m hoping that the other characters will step up to the plate in their books.
Overall, this was a nice read. There’s no denying that Arthur writes really sexy cat shifters so I’ll be looking out for the next one in the series to see if the Shadow Shifters are for me!   

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Angie said...

Hm, I don't read nearly enough books with shifters. I actually don't think I've read one with cats? Thanks for the review, I may need to check this one out! :)

Timitra said...

Sounds good!