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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Review: Armed and Dangerous by Abigail Roux

Armed and Dangerous
(Cut & Run #5)
by Abigail Roux

ARMED AND DANGEROUS is Abigail Roux’s first attempt at writing solo. If you were worried that it wouldn’t hold the same appeal, fear not. Roux does a fantastic job of keeping things concise and giving us readers everything we wanted and more.

Ty and Zane are hands down my favorite M/M couple ever. To me, there is nothing better than a romance involving two men that love each other beyond reason. ARMED AND DANGEROUS showcase the ups and downs like any relationship, but for me, this felt a lot more personal for some reason. I have the mention the epic love scenes between these two. Not only are they smoking hot and seem to go on forever (I’m not complaining), but they just feel more organic than other M/M romances I’ve read in the past. Whether that’s due to Roux’s amazing writing or the fact that you feel as if Ty and Zane truly love each other is anyone’s guess.

 As Special Agents, Ty and Zane have a little more stress on their shoulders as they try to bring back Julian Cross to Baltimore after rumors are spreading that he is the only person who has knowledge on the private hits that are occurring. Of course, nothing is ever that easy and Ty and Zane find themselves in a lot of trouble as they try to do their job. With fun twists along the way, Roux creates an interesting story that only adds to the overall appeal of this book. If I didn’t read for the romance, then I would read for the suspense.

 I’m told that Julian and Cameron are also from a previous title by Roux and Hunter called WARRIOR’S CROSS. Already I am twitching to get my hands on this book, because as much as I loved the romance between Ty and Zane, there were some great moments between Cameron and Julian as well. Also, Julian has some great one-liners in this book that had me laughing out loud.

 This book just really had it all. There was a perfect blend of hot and sexy, of sweetness and love and that pulse-pounding action you expect from this series. A book that is able to make me experience a whole rainbow of emotions is a stellar one to me. And with that, I can’t help but give 5 raving stars to ARMED AND DANGEROUS. This book is almost too good to be true!

Favourite Quote:

 “Julian, would your friend be able to find a bigger plane for us? One he could fly?” Cameron asked as he turned in his seat. Julian shrugged. “We could ask him.”

 “Yes. Let’s go ask him,” Ty muttered.

“That’s fucking stupid.”

“Fine,” Julian said, his tone making it clear he was reaching the end of his patience. “We’ll solve this like men.”

“What do you want, MacGuffin, a duel?”

“No.” Julian held out both hands, one palm flat, the other held over it in a fist. “Rock, paper, scissors. Two out of three.”

Ty rolled his eyes and held out his first, apparently willing to play. Julian hit his palm three times, and Ty kept time with his fist in the air.

But when Julian threw a paper, Ty reached into his jacket with his other hand and pulled his gun, aiming it at Julian.

“Ty!” Zane said in exasperation from the front seat.

“Glock, paper, scissors. I win.”

“You’re an ass,” Julian muttered.
Gah! How can you not love them???
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Sharon Stogner said...

I absolutely love this series. I just started A&D. I have read Warriors Cross and it was one of my favorite books last year. Julian is to die for! You MUST read it :)

Sophia Rose said...

I have not read this series yet, but I like what you said about it in your review.

Your quote scene was hilarious!

Thanks for sharing your review!

Laurie said...

This is yet another series I need to start! Thanks for the review!

Maria D. said...

Good review. I have not read this series. Thanks for sharing.

Timitra said...

Great review...thanks for the heads up on this author/series Ann!!

Unknown said...

Hey Sharon! Guess that means I should read WARROR'S CROSS then huh?

haha Thanks Sophia Rose. They are hilarious!

Thanks Laurie, Maria and Timitra!!!