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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Beach Balls by Tara Lain

Beach Balls
by Tara Lain
(Balls to the Wall # 3)

I can't say I loved this more than the second book in this series, but I really liked it. We have two guys that are pretty equally matched, both physically and mentally. But they are pretty far apart in everything in between.

Adam is a developer, lots of money, cares about appearances, drives a nice fancy car, ohh and pretends to be straight. Sky is a nature loving, rebreather diver, vegetarian, and openly gay.

They meet accidentally while Sky is diving and Adam is visiting a friend's house for a regular gay-men sex party, which is the only time Adam gets any. sparks fly right away but they don't tell each other their full (or real, in Adams case) names.

Turns out Sky is the researcher they've pulled to try and shut down the approval for a project Adam is working on, based on environmental issues. This puts a huge dent in their relationship.

Although a bit issue was presented and somehow resolved fairly easy as they overcame the obstacles, I couldn't help but love both of these guys. I especially loved how Adam was the one doing the taking care of Sky part instead of being a big selfish big shot like he was in every other part of his life.

I also loved the small cameo appearances by Rodney, Hunter and Jerry. I do hope that there is more of this series!! We still have to find out if Jerry, sweet lovable Jerry, will get his HEA. 

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Sophia Rose said...

That plot does sound amusing with them being opposites and on opposing sides while starting a relationship.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Mrs Condit said...

Great review. I love this series!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mrs Condit!!

Sophia hope you enjoy it!


Tara Lain said...

A special thanks to Francesca and Under the Covers for reading and reviewing Beach Balls. I so appreciate your time and i'm delighted that you enjoyed it! : )

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by! Hoping that there are more stories in this series!!