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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

ARC Review: Hearts of Fire by Kira Brady

3.5 Feathers
Hearts of Fire
by Kira Brady
(Deadglass # 0.5)

This is my first read of Kira Brady’s work and I have to say that she has captured my interest in this world of Dragons and other Shifters.

Set in the late 1800s in Seattle, a world of Shifters/Other beings living among humans but not necessarily in peace. A Bomb waiting to explode, the tension between the Drekar Dragons and Kivati (other) Shifters has worsen.

Brand Haldor, a Drekar dragon has recently migrated from Scandinavia hoping for a new beginning and has found it with Kivati shifter, Alice Corbette. Unfortunately, this Romeo and Juliet story will have hell before getting their HEA and not without a tragic after math. Due to the forbidden love, the duel between the Drekar and Kivati had exploded to an even worse predicament then before. It's definitely a big set up for the upcoming novel Hearts of Darkness and it is actually well explained at the end of the book.

The world building was heavy with information (in my opinion), but I’m pretty sure that it is all pertinent to the next book. The character build up was okay but it really is hard to get a good grasp of it being that it is a novella. And unfortunately, same goes for the romance. It was certainly too fast for my liking. I understood the instant attraction, however I felt like romance was not believable.

On the plus side, Ms. Brady’s story is very promising. It has qualities I’d look for in a book. Alpha males, worthy H/h, a complex history and/or a good story line and with a regular length book, I'm expecting an epic romance.

I am eager to delve in to the next book and see what Ms. Brady has in store for us.

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Unknown said...

I bought this one yesterday. I read Hearts of Darkness last month and was AMAZED. It was very different from all that I had read recently. It appears from your review that Fire stands apart from Darkness. Thanks for sharing!

Maria D. said...

You had me at dragon shifters!....lol
Great review - I'm getting this today and maybe the other book too.

Linda said...

Me too! I just love books with dragons. Heading to check out this book now. Thanks for sharing.