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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Review: Dare to Surrender by Lilli Feisty

Dare to Surrender 
by Lilli Feisty
Erotica Romance

DARE TO SURRENDER wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. Ash Hunter is an artist with a distinct eye for erotic bondage and Joy is an Art Gallery curator who wishes to show Ash’s work. Now it’s time for Joy to persuade the bad boy artist into showing his artwork to the world while Ash shows Joy the sensual side to his work.

I was disappointed in how the romance between Ash and Joy was played out. I really liked BOUND TO PLEASE. But there was one thing that irked me about the story and it was Ruby’s tendency to be distant right after the hot sex. I thought it was just her personality showing through because of her reluctance with BDSM and the fact that Mark would be leaving soon, but no ...it happens with Joy also. And that bugged me.

The fact that Joy makes up excuses about seeing her grandmother after spending the night with Ash makes me raise an eyebrow. More so, it makes me feel that all the work that Ms. Fiesty has done to establish a connection between Ash and Joy has gone to waste because once Joy pushes him away, we are back at square one. And the previous chemistry that the hero and heroine shared loses its credibility. It just didn’t work for me.

While I loved Ash and his ability to make Joy go weak in the knees, I had a really tough time liking Joy. I was annoyed by the multiple chances Joy had to reveal her secret about stealing Ash’s sculpture. instead, she ended up having sex with him. Not that I blame her! But still....you can only use certain excuses so many times. After awhile, it became unbelievable within the storyline. Things just didn’t spark for me in this book. Also, none of the sex scenes were particularly memorable or panty-melting. But this is just my opinion on it. I just wasn’t overly engaged in this book.

I did like the banter between Erica and Blaine initially. It was cute and offered a little bit of humor. But then it got to a point where it felt stagnant. I just wanted...more. For me, it didn’t bring an added sense of romance that most of this book lacked.

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Artemis said...

Thanks for the honesty. I don't like it when a partner is written as distant, especially after a BDSM session. That is a big no-no. I'll be passing.