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Sunday, 31 July 2011

July 2011 Monthly Recap

July has come to an end and that means our Burning Up July erotica event must end as well. We had a blast with all the erotica authors who took part in our special event and would like to thank them one last time for all their support! THANK YOU!

Here is a recap of all the erotica authors that stopped by this month:
Olivia Cunning
Cathryn Fox
Lissa Matthews
Lorelei James
Cherrie Lynn
Megan Hart
Shayla Black

Author Override:
Olivia Cunning
Lissa Matthews
Evangeline Anderson

A Sinful Summer
We also hosted A Sinful Summer giveaway hop with Madame D's Boudoir, Satin's Bookish Corner and Riverina Romantics. We'd like to thank all authors that participated in the giveaway hop, especially Stacey Kennedy.

The Dom's Dungeon
We crowned our first ever Ultimate Dom in the Dom's Dungeon competition. Our competitors included, Shayla Black's Jack Cole from Wicked Ties, Lilli Feisty's Mark St. Crow from Bound to Please and Maya Banks's Damon Roche from Sweet Persuasion. Watch the battle go down here.

Thank you to our maidens, fellow bloggers and authors who participated in this event and weighed in on who is the ultimate Dom! We appreciate all your support!

Reading on the Dark Side
Our Reading on the Dark Side pimp this month was Larissa Ione's Demonica series! Check out our post here.

Mind Spill: A Romantic Note
Ever been put down for your choice in reading material? Well, see what Annie has to say when strangers mock romance novels. See her rant here.

Battle of the Covers
It's a Demon fight club with this month's Battle of the Covers where the UK and US versions of Larissa Ione's covers duke it out! You can see what went down here.  You voted and the winner was .... the US covers!

Man Candy
July was a hot month!!!  And our hotties made it steamy!  This month we featured: Zac Taylor, David Gandy, Matt Giesler and Jamie Dominic.

So thank you for stopping by our blog this month, we have a lot of great things prepared for August!!


Artemis said...

I had a blast! Of course, there was never a doubt that Jack Cole is the Ultimate Dom!

Book Savvy Babe said...

Awesome month! So much fun :) Book Savvy Babe

Unknown said...

Glad you all had fun! And Artemis, I thought it would be Jack too, I was actually surprised to see Mark St. Crow follow as such a close second!