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Monday, 11 July 2011

Review: Bad to the Bone by Karin Tabke

Bad to the Bone
by Karin Tabke
(Wicked Reads # 1)
Erotica Romance

I think I'm not the only when I say that a fantasy of a hot cop pulling you over and then having his wicked way with you sounds VERRA NICE! No? Is it just me?

Well, that's how this story starts out, which caught me a bit off guard and wondering if I should be liking it or thinking this guy was completely insane! Of course they were role playing, even though he is a real cop, he's been sort of, not dating but more of a booty call.

Olivia Connor was married to a cop, and he died a year ago. She started seeing Vander, a local police officer who has also known her husband, even though they weren't friends. Vander is the epitome of the bad boy, rides a motorcycle, doesn't "date" women, and he is oh so deliciously bad in the bedroom.

This short story is HOT from beginning to end! Characters are very likeable, and I was definitely liking Vander a whole lot! Can I take him home to play?