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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review: Covet by JR Ward

Covet (Fallen Angels #1)
by JR Ward
Urban Fantasy

Jim Heron has been recruited. But not by the usual head hunters though, he has been chosen by both Heaven and Hell to either redeem or condemn the whole of mankind. All he has to do is guide seven souls each contaminated in some way by evil, for Heaven to win he has to guide them on to the right path. Jim's first assignment is Vin DiPietro, a man driven by avarice, the need to have more and more better and better. Can Jim save him, and is Marie-Terese the prostitute with the sad eyes his way to Heaven or the road to damnation?

I really liked this book, when I got to the serious business of sitting down and reading it, it had me completely hooked, from the prologue from the demons point of view to Jim being flat on his ass outside the pearly gates with the "Four Lads." This has the WARDen's familiar writing style which seems to have a rhythm and flow all of its own, although I am grateful that she has toned down on all the street slang, I was actually able to read this without once having to reach for an Urban Dictionary! But like I said she has a style all of her own that is both beautiful and earthly and has a tendency to grab you and not let you go until you are done.

I have marked this as both an UF and a PNR because it kind of is, although there is a romance and it is the central focus of the book and there is also more to it than that, the story doesn't end when the characters pair up, and although Jim is the "hero" of the story he isn't the one with the HEA. That is another point about this that I like the romance was a product of the plot and not the other way around, with a plot a by-product of a romance. This lead it to having a much stronger story and although this one felt like a warm up till the next one it was still great and kept me interested all the way through.

Although I have seen very mixed reviews about this book, I loved it; it had the typical JR Ward style and a great story with the potential to go in so many different directions that I truly can’t wait to see what happens next.

Favourite Quote

Staring up into his face, she felt a stirring deep down as she realized he was her real life fairy tale: Standing before her, he was willing to do battle for her, on whatever killing field the war took place...He was prepared to accept wounds and make sacrifices for her...He was the dragon slayer she had looked for when she was younger and had lost faith in ever finding as she'd aged.


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I liked this one. It's Crave that I really didn't like. LOVED the shower scene!

Nissie said...

Great review! Looking forward to the series.

Sheree said...

Great review! I bought the series based on the covers with Paul Marron. I'm glad the books don't disappoint!

Tyraa said...

I STILL gotta read the first two before I start the ARC of Envy I got. Glad you liked it tho. I haven't read the BDB yet so hopefully I can just jump in regardless