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Sunday, 4 September 2011


First off, I'd like to dedicate this week's HOTTIE OF THE WEEK to Nissie from Riverina Romantics! It is because of you that I am obsessed with Matt Bomer now. Love you, Mwah!

It's no secret! I love men but there is an occasional moment when I was to drop to my knees and yell, "WHY?" Because Matt Bomer is gay. *sobs*

I know, I know. Despite my initial disappointment, I kind of like it. Is that weird? It just makes him that much hotter!

Anyway, last night I watched the pilot of White Collar as per Nissie's request. LOVED IT! Unfortunately, Canada doesn't air it which sucks. But that doesn't stop me for ogling Matt for the entire duration of the show. That man wear suits and fedoras like no other!

Okay, I'll stop blabbering now. ENJOY THESE PICS! I KNOW I HAVE!


Nissie said...

Thank you for the dedication, Annie! I'm very happy to have introduced you to your newest obsession. :D

I love, love, love White Collar. It's well written and has fabulous characters. And of course MB is very nice to look at. One of the best shows on TV, ever!!!

Buzzed Sweetness said...

So hot. Don't watch the show, but if I did it would be for him!

Ren said...

Nissie, I love White Collar too, just watch season 2 and some episodes of season 1, but already hooked with Neal Caffrey. And like Annie, I'm crying when know he's gay :P
But never mind, hot men always hot, no matter what his sexual preference ;)

Matt Bomer can be a good cast pick for Bones :D. He have those wicked smile...

Belle said...

Oh, he is so freaking hot! I love him when he pops up on Chuck, and then the other day I saw a poster for White Collar and thought I NEED to watch that show! I didn't know he was gay :( Ah well, can still admire his hotness!

Nissie said...

Ren, it's easy to get hooked on Neal and the rest of them, too. I love everything about that show!
And you're right; hot is hot no matter what. :D

Unknown said...

Is it weird that I think he's hot BECAUSE he's gay? I dont know. But it's true.

Ladies, definitely watch the show. I'm watching season One RIGHT NOW. And it's great.

Ren, I was thinking of him as Bones too!!! And McNab from In Death series. He's too pretty as McNab, but I think he's got the personality to pull it off.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't have picked a better hottie of the week! Too bad there won't be any new episodes for a few months. The show overall is great and starting to get intense!! Definitely recommend getting caught up during their down time. Good call suggesting this series Nissie!

Nissie said...

Thanks, Britt! I'm so glad y'all love the show as much as I do!!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Such a great choice this week Annie! I have a bunch of pics of him in my Hump Day hotties file LOL! How weird is it that Ren heard of the show b4 you? She's heard of it in Indonesia but you haven't in Canada LOL!

Ren, you are sooo right that a person's sexual preference has nothing to do with their hotness!

Unknown said...

I know, Megan. They only aired the first season here. Now they dont air it at all. Which is a DAMN SHAME! I'm ashamed lol. We need more Matt Bomer in Canada. It's not like I live in the goonies or something!

Briit, Nissie. I'm on ep 9 season one and things are heating up!! I cant wait for it all

bookster said...

gay???? why o why????

jfort357 said...

The gay models are always HOT!!! Unfortunately, I never heard of Matt Bomer or White Collar!! I'm so out of the loop!!! :-( What channel does White Collar play on?

Unknown said...

It plays on the USA network. I live in Canada and they stopped playing it here (to quote bookster "why o why????") so I dont know the exact channel sorry!But check it out! It has great writing!

Cindi F. said...

Oh, girls, its nice to meet ya over the hunk that is Matt B. While I don't think his being gay makes him HOTTER, it certainly allows me a couple of fantasy scenarios that he would fit perfectly ... But seriously, White Collar is a worthy show among TV lineups that are lacking, IMHO.

Tyraa said...

The hottest ones are always gay ;(