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Friday, 30 September 2011

UTC Insider: October 2011

Hello Maidens!!!!  We are so excited about what we have in store for October, we just can't wait for this month to get started!  As you can already see, we have a brand new look!  What do you think?

Author of the Month
We can't tell you how excited we are that we got to chat with Jeaniene Frost!  Yes, she is our Author of the Month, and we will bring you our interview with her, along with a very nice giveaway she's doing!  So make sure you stay tuned for that!

Reading on the Dark Side
In honor of our Author of the Month, we will be featuring the Night Huntress series in our special feature this month!  And let me tell you, there's a whole lot of HAWT there!

Battle of the Covers
USA vs UK will battle it out again, and this time is Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires covers!

We want to thank you all for helping reach 900 followers!  We are very excited and thank you for your support, and know that we will continue to bring you new and original content!  We have a lot of great authors stopping by and guest posts coming this month, lots of exciting giveaways planned for you, so be sure you check back often!!!


AngelaC said...

Wow. The site's new look is awesome!!! Great Job Ladies.

What an exciting month. I totally guessed on Frost and Black!!!
I love VLAD!!!
And I saw Virna Depaul will be there. I met her at a signing super nice!!!

Unknown said...

You site looks awesome. Great job. Beautiful header.

MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

Ren said...

Oh, My Bones!! (Yeah, he is My Bones and no one else.)
And kudos for the new blog layout!

Ang,I guessed about Frost first, at Twitter.. =P

Island Reader Tina said...

New layout is pretty spiffy! That header is absolutely gorgeous. Well done, and a big congrats on 900 followers! :)


KittenMittens said...

Yay Jeanine Frost!! She started my paranormal romance/urban fantasy addiction when my friend let me borrow her books and I'm so GLAD SHE DID! I was missing out. :D And congrats on 900 followers! I mostly follow makeup blogs but yours was too awesome not to follow. Really good reviews and I love the rating systems :)

AngelaC said...

Ren. No way!!! I think I need a retweet!

Myth said...

Love the new layout ladies!!!!! ANd Cat and Bones Yummy

Lexi said...

Love the new look as well!
And love the pic of Cat and Bones, just love it. Perfect for your author of the month!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

This is gonna be a great month! Love the new look.

Unknown said...

Love the cover of Cat and Bones. Looking forward to what's up and coming.