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Thursday, 22 September 2011

ARC Review: Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherstone

Pride & Passion (Brethren Guardian #2)
by Charlotte Featherstone
Historical Romance

4.5 Feathers

First off, I absolutely LOVE the cover for this book! I adore the colours and the womans pose of complete abandon, it definitely caught my eye and has made me want to read this book more then I already did!

I have been looking forward to reading Lucy, the heroines cousin from Seduction & Scandal, and the Duke of Sussex, Adrian's book since the end of the first book. In this book we see Adrian isn't quite the man he seems and certainly isn't the passionless and boring man that Lucy believes him to be. As well as the secrets of the Brethren Guardian he has many of him own secrets, one of which is that he has loved Lucy for a long time, longer then anyone could possibly know. He is now determined to make her his wife; however, Lucy is vehemently against the match seeing only the steely eyes Duke and not the man beneath.

I really enjoyed this book! There were aspects of it that I think were a little better then the first book Seduction & Scandal, such as the pacing of Adrian and Lucy's relationship, it unfurled at a good rate with out it coming out all at once, which stretched out the tension between them. And they definitely had tension and lots of chemistry between them, it made me want to shake Lucy and tell her to stop being such a ninny, how could she possibly think the man was boring!? That was my only real problem with the book, was that Lucy annoyed me at times as much as I could understand her frustration...it still bugged me.

What I also liked about this book was the continuation of the Brethren Guardian storyline, I really can't wait to see Orpheus and his mysterious lover is, I think I know who it might be, but I love that this book keeps me guessing!

What I found frustrating though was the ending, a cliffhanger *pulls hair out* so unfair, the next book isn't due out for ages and I want to know what happens now! I am also looking forwadr to it as I want to know more about Alynwick and Elizabeth you could see the sparks fly between them in this book and I only imagine it will be just as good in the next one.

This is a great book, exciting, romantic and erotic if you haven't started this series yet I highly recommend it!

*ebook supplied by netGalley.


Artemis said...

Thank you for this review. I loved the first one and now must get this one too!