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Thursday 15 March 2012

ARC Review: Geared for Pleasure by Rachel Grace

Geared for Pleasure
by Rachel Grace
(Elemental Steam # 1)

This book is actually 2 stories which I'll review individually, but let me give you some general basic info.  I admit that this might be my first steampunk-ish style book and I might've been a bit skeptical of picking it up, however, I love Jules Verne and having read that the author said some of those elements are in this series, as well as the fact that incorporates erotic elements, then I was anxious to see what came out of that!

Geared for Pleasure is non-stop adventure whether you're aboard a brothel at sea or trying to uncover treason against the Queen.  Even though a bit slow to get started, at least for me, once the story got going it didn't stop.  Characters you can't help but like and a world you might not want to live in but would love to visit.

Earthly Desires

Earthly Desires follows the Queens Chalice (protector and companion), Dare, in her quest to find the Deviant ship and talk to the Captain in order to save the queen.  She was raised to protect the queen, and her life has always been sheltered.  In her first trip outside the walls of her tower she will learn there's a whole new world out there.  And a lot of things that she wants to experience.  She is pure at heart, strong and loyal, and she has one other talent, empathy.  Her cross to bear is being able to feel what others are feeling, but this ability also guides her in her journey and keeps her alive.

Along the way she meets Bodhan.  The epitome of a bad boy.  The question is whose side is he on?  And can she actually resist the sexy and wicked owner of said brothel ship, the Siren?

Dare will have to get past her innocence to fulfill her task, but also experiences so many emotions and physical needs.  I loved seeing her transformation and development throughout this story.

Fiery Temptations

Seraphina was such a fun character during the first story as well as in this one!  She's Felidae, and to describe her best picture fiery red hair, always wearing sexy corsets and skimpy outfits, she has a tail, a whip, sharp teeth and retractable claws, as well as spots on her skin.  She's not embarrassed of her sexual preferences or of offering her services aboard the Siren from time to time.  She has enough attitude for the whole crew of the ship!  Fiesty!

But there was one Wode that caught her eye and she can't seem to stay away from him.  Cyrus.  The Queen's Sword.   After her betrayal aboard the Siren, which led to his capture and when he lost a special dagger given to him by the queen, they have to overcome their differences and work together to get out alive of Centre City where he needs to recover his dagger.

There are some unexpected revelations about her past and her family and her relation to the Queen.  I feel these two were an excellent match given both their backgrounds!

If you are in the mood for something different, well written and sexy, you should definitely give this a try!

*ARC provided by publisher

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R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! :)

Fedora said...

Ooh, sounds awesome! (Not that I couldn't have guessed that, but it's always good to hear what other readers think ;))

erin said...

Thanks for a great review! I've had book lust for this title ever since I saw the awesome cover and found out it was steampunk.

jeanette8042 said...

Great review, this sounds like an awesome read!

June M. said...

I have only read one short Steampunk story but am very eager to read this one. I am a fan of R.G. and can't wait to read this an learn about the characters and world she has written.

Barbara E. said...

I'm definitely in the mood for something different, and since I really enjoy steampunk, I'm looking forward to reading Geared for Pleasure. Thanks for the great review.

Francesca said...

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy it! Perfect for when you want something different but still sexy! Enjoyed it a lot!

RG Thank you so much for stopping by today!


ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Geared for Pleasure(Elemental Steam # 1) by Rachel Grace
sounds like a Great Read! I'm a BIG Fan of R.G's writing & I can't wait to read her new Book under her alter ego, Rachel Grace...this will be my first venture into Steampunk.

Take Care,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Julianne said...

I did the one day party for the release of Geared For Pleasure last week, that was fun, but I didn't win.
I so want this book, I will beg.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Maritza Robinson said...

Thanks for this great review. Loving the cover. I have to read this one.
-Maritza R