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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Most Anticipated Books: April 2012

Are we ready for all these books next month?!?!  Wow!


Brie said...

Can't wait to read Skin Deep, do you know when it's supposed to come out? I think she's self-publishing it, right?

Also, About That Night. One of my most anticipated book of the year!!!

Unknown said...

I believe she said early April. She is self publishing it so it will be much faster in reaching us.

Yay, Brie! I loved this book! I'm sure you will too!


Sophia Rose said...

I am so ready for a few of these books. Can the book budget make it? (-;

Lisa W said...

Skin Deep! I can never put down the I team series!

Unknown said...

Dang this list is SEXY!

Timitra said...

There are some really sexy covers on this list!

Book Soulmates said...

Not even gonna lie...the cover for Into the Dreaming by KMM kills me a little! Good gawd *headdesk*

♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

SacredmOOn said...

Now that is a HOT list of titles!! Sheesh! Yikes! Yum!
DeAnna Schultz

Tyraa said...

Omg. So gooood!