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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Law Man by Kristen Ashley

Law Man
by Kristen Ashley
Dream Man #3

Mara Hanover has been in love with her neighbour Mitch Lawson for the last four years, he is not only hot but also nice as well, making him a a Ten point Five, way out of her league as only a Two point Five (on a good day) but she has decided to love him from a far. But, one broken tape; a barbeque chicken pizza; two failed dates and a trip to pick up her baby cousins after their dad has passed out drunk and stoned later he doesn't seem to realize she is a Two point Five and seems like he is sticking around.

Despite this being very similar to the Wild Man, I really liked it! Again the heroine is super perfect and the hero is super manly (and perfect) but, I couldn't help but like them, they were so sickeningly sweet together!

My Top Three things/events in the book:

- The Beginning. when Mara doesn't have a clue that Mitch fancies the pants of her. So hilarious when he is fixing her sink and she is all shy, this book starts of fantastically!

- Billie & Billy. They were adorable! Billie was dang cute (then again who isn't cute in these books!). But it was Billy/Bud who got to me the most, his efforts to protect his younger sister even though he is only 9, his desparation to keep Mitch and Mara around, it was both sad and touching.

- Cosmos & Hawk. When Mara gets trashed on cocktails, then meets Hawk and decides he is the second love of her life and wants him to carry her. HILARIOUS.

I am definietly getting addicted to Ms Ashley's books they are over the top, funny, sweet and I can't seem to get enough of them!