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Saturday, 3 November 2012

ARC Review: Stolen by Shiloh Walker

by Shiloh Walker

I'll be honest, this book scared me and creeped me out.  It's totally an edge of your seat, nail biting and heart pounding story.  I really love how Shiloh Walker approaches her romantic suspense.  It's not about ultra secret military men trying to save women from being kidnapped, it's not drug cartels or human trafficking.  Her books are truly suspenseful stories with amazingly crazy bad guys who should be in a mental institution not romaing the streets making people's lives miserable.  Just like any great suspense movie!

STOLEN was no different, except how I described it to someone else who asked me what this was about...Think of the worst case scenario an author can think that would happen to them.  Someone impersonating them and trying to take over their life.  Shay is an author but not one of her immediate friends know that.  Not even her ex boyfriend.  She kept a very small online persona (just her website) and didn't do any public appearances.  As a matter of fact, her readers thought she was a man.  But a woman starts showing up at bookstores pretending to be her, signing her books and handing out ARCs and bookmarks of her books, creating Facebook accounts and blogs.  And saying that Shay's boyfriend raped her.

Shay is now left to try to uncover still whole mess pretty much by herself.  With no one to trust, she has to start digging into her own past.

Of course there's the romance, Shay was damaged from her past and has never been able to handle relationships but once she lets Elliot in, they are so amazing together.  Elliot's love is a thing of beauty.  Strong and supportive.  Careful with her when she was most vulnerable.

There were just two minor things that made me give this a 4 instead of a 5 star rating.  The beginning of this book was just a tad confusing for me.  I felt that the strings were a little too loose when setting up the story although I was able to keep up and understand what was going on.  And then there's the discovery of the "bad guy".  With my previous experiences with Ms. Walker's writing, I couldn't pinpoint who the bad guy was.  This book was a bit more predictable.  From figuring out who it was, to figuring out who that person REALLY was. I had both of those figured out pretty early on as the story was unfolding.  That being said, it didn't take away from my enjoyment because this bad guy is still so screwed up it was so interesting to find all the little things out.

Like I said, creepy and edge of seat.  And I couldn't put this down.  One of those stories that you knwo could happen easily to anyone but you only want to read about.

*ARC provided by publisher
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Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...

I loved this story as well, and it was my first 'date' with Shiloh Walker. Needless to say, I'll read other books written by her.
Great review :)


Unknown said...

Thanks Lexxie, you should try her Ash Trilogy. That was really good as well.


ELF said...

Thanks for the review, I, too was (pleasantly) creeped out by this story!

Timitra said...

This is so going in my cart at Amazon-thanks Francesca for that really great review!