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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Review: The Ties That Bind by Jaci Burton

The Ties That Bind 
by Jaci Burton

I love stories about second chance at love.  This was a different take on it.  I didn't read this as part of the original anthology, although I had that on my TBR for a while. 

This story was different because Lisa and Rick were high school sweethearts and then Rick got Lisa pregnant when she was 16 and things changed.  They got married but quickly things didn't work out so they got divorced.  However, they raised their daughter together and were always in each others lives.  Now their daughter is 18 and going to college.  And she's making her mom, Lisa, kick start her new life with going away on a tropical vacation.  Except that was all a setup so Rick and Lisa can get back together.

The premise is really sweet and just makes you happy that their love was able to persevere.  I also thought the whole coming together idea was great, compliments to the daughter.  The only thing I didn't like or understand was how much she fought them getting back together.  I just didn't get the why, I thought that was unnecessary conflict when there could've been something else.

I really did enjoy the story though and I think the author did an amazing job at conveying these characters back story and feelings in such a short time.  And oh... did I mention it was frecking hot?!?!
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Unknown said...

I am fairly new to Jaci Burtons books, but I have put this one on my tbr list. I have been hearing good things about it.

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review! I can't wait to read this one