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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review: The Driver's Seat by Casea Major

The Driver's Seat
by Casea Major

Short stories are always hard for me to rate or review because it takes talent to make me care about two characters (especially when it's not part of a series and I know them already) that I will only spend about 60 pages with.  This is the second short like this I read by Ms. Major and I have to say she nails it again.  

Belenda is a bit shot attorney driving through a small town in the middle of nowhere during a storm.  She's had a horrible week, she's supposed to be meeting up with her assistant for some R&R and then her car battery dies.  Not only that but when she tries to keep driving after getting that fixed she crashes her car as well.  Not a good week.  Except things are looking up because the man that comes to her rescue, twice, is sexy as hell and makes it very clear that he wants her.  There is a twist to the story and that is Jack's secret.

The chemistry between these two was great, they were good together and sexy.  The perfect short and sexy distraction you won't want to miss ;)

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