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Tuesday 6 November 2012

ARC Review: The Fangover by Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love

The Fangover
by Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love

Better start off being honest.  I knew about this book, mainly because Erin McCarthy is part of the duo writing it and I happen to love her work.  Was I terribly interested in reading it, though?  Well, it was probably one of those "Oh yeah I gotta get to that someday".  Of course, I also thought this had two separate novellas.  Then I happen to win an ARC of this at RAW and my grabby hands had to read it right away.  Well, I was so pleasantly surprised!

Call me whatever you want but I didn't co-relate the fact that the book is called "The Fangover" with the movie "The Hangover".  Yeah, that joke went right over my head (see what happens when you're not paying attention?).  And that is exactly how I can possibly describe this book.

Vampire rocker kills himself (meets the sun) and his friends are throwing him a funeral "party".  They get a little tipsy and somehow they all wake up the next day without recollection of how that night ended or what happened.  All they know is that a human was turned and got married to one of the band members (vampire), the dead vamps sister is stuck in bat form, another band member is missing a fang and oh yeah, there's a passed out human priest in the bath tub.  And let's not forget about the parrot!  Now they just have to backtrack and try to figure out what went down.

So, there are actually two main couples throughout this story.  One is Stella and Wyatt.  Stella is Johnny's sister (dead vamp).  Wyatt has been a member of the band for a while and has had a crush on Stella for just about that long.  This was just the perfect opportunity for him to show her that he would be there for her and that they can be good together.  I liked the fact that their romance started before the drunken behavior night and that we are given glimpses into their past.  Even though Stella got on my nerves a bit at times, Wyatt made up for being extra sweet and caring while still being hot.

Then there's Cort and Katie.  I actually enjoyed them a bit more.  Katie used to be human and was part of the day band.  Cort has had a crush on her for a while but humans have always been off limits so he stayed away.  Now, not only did he turn her but he married her.  I thought their romance was cuter even though I also wanted to pull my hair at their lack of communication and misunderstandings.

In the end, this book was a fun parody, not meant to showcase deep emotions but to make you laugh and it definitely achieved that in my opinion.  A little bit of comic relief while throwing in some sexy vamps who are just not all there.
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