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Friday, 5 August 2011

Review: Damien by Jacquelyn Frank

Damien (Nightwalkers #4)
by Jacquelyn Frank
Paranormal Romance

I am not a romantic person, which is strange given that my main genre is romance, I don't like romantic films and I am not very big on PDA. Which, is probably why romances I love the most are series like Shelly Laurenston's Pride series and Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole they all have the love stuff in, but they also have crazy females who are a little bit emotionally retarded and men whose main wooing technique is the basic shag-them-till-they-love-me, there aren't too many heart to heart exchanges and the ones that are are short and to the point like this:
"Bad things happened to stop me loving you, but I got over it and I just thought I would let you know I love you."
"Really?! What a co-inky-dink, bad stuff happened to me too! I am so glad we shared like this! I love you too."
"Shall we have sex to celebrate?"
"Only if it is hot and kinky"
"Sure, I will go and get the nipple clamps."

Okay so now you know what a truely unromantic soul I have, you may start to realize why I am not enjoying this series as much as everyone seems to. Basically it has too much mushy stuff and I find myself rolling my eyes so much that I think my eyeballs are unscrewing! This book was no different. I really liked the idea of all the different Nightwalker species and their cultures and how they relate to eachother, those are what always get these books a few stars, it is the romance that brings it down for me.

I also like the story and how with each book Ruth, the insane yet cunning former Demon council member, gets stronger and stronger until you do begin to wonder if the Nightwlakers will be able to defeat her. I like that hint of danger in this series and I can't wait till we get into a big confrontation with her.

So I love the plot and the world these books are set in but the romance aspect...just isn't for me.


Lucy V Morgan said...

Suz, you should be writing scripts, let alone reviews. Snigger.

But I sympathise. I don't like loads of mushy stuff either, mostly because men who are like that are generally a bit useless/down and dirty with the ugly stick/hung like a meerkat.