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Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

(more like 4.5 flaming feathers!)
Lord of Rage 
(Royal House of Shadows # 2)
by Jill Monroe
Paranormal Romance

Lord of Rage was a UTC group read for us so instead of writing a group review, we decided to use our IM chat as our review. Note that this is a real IM chat between us three, so we will be more candid and you can finally see how much abuse I receive from *jerks thumb at Francesca and Suzanne* these two. You have been forewarned! This is UTC, unscripted.

Annie: Okay let’s do this!
Suz: So Breena and Osborn...
Annie: What did you think of Breena?
Suz: I like her better the Jane
Annie: Me too! She’s much easier it relate to, I felt bad for her.
Suz: She also has cool powers
Annie: Actually, I didn’t feel too bad, she got a sexy berserker.
Fran: Yes her powers were cool but I really liked her personality. She was tough but still easy going.
Suz: Yeah no stupid moments, or worse maidenly ones!
Annie: What about Osborn? I loved him, I loved reading about his background
Annie: Sexy sexy man!
Fran: I thought he was adorable and hot
Suz: I loved him, and he bought her present!
Annie: Definitely sexy, what was your favourite scene with him?
Fran: Hmmm, when he changed the energy at the lake.
Suz: Oh yeah! Where he goes down on her to save the day! I wish that happened in my life
Annie: LOL ME TOO! *pouts*
Fran: Me three!
Annie: So what didn’t you like about the book?
Fran: I didn’t like that there was no big battle.
Suz: It didn’t feel like it had finished, it like it had just started and then it ended!
Fran: Nothing ever really happens
Annie: I agree, I felt like it built up a lot and then…it was just okay in the end. The timeline confused me as well, it was weird especially from the first book.
Fran: Yeah the timeline throw me off.
Me: Yeah, because Nicolai isn’t saved until years later but this is set almost straight away. Apparently it is all explained though.
Fran: Another thing, there wasn’t enough sex and steam!!
Annie: The sex was good, but I want more!
Fran: lol!
Suz: Another thing I didn’t like was how easily Osborn stopped hating the Eldens after Breena just said “it isn’t us.”
Fran: Yeah that was too easy.
Annie: Oh yeah. After all that time hating Eldens, he was like *shrugs* okay cool.
Suz: LOL!
Fran: He had this hate inside for years and all it takes is one word from her and everything is okay.
Annie: Pussy whipped.
Fran: Totally!
Annie: Where’s my whip?
Fran: Breena has it!
Suz: LOL!
Fran: Okay one thing I loved.
Suz: Yes?
Fran: The Goldilocks reference
Annie: Oh yes!
Suz: Yes! That was funny I loved that
Annie: I liked the very end, that excerpt thing, it was very cute. What did you think of Jill Monroe’s writing? This is the first one of hers that I have read.
Fran: Me too, I loved it
Suz: I liked it, it was simple and to the point.
Fran: Very easy to read.
Annie: I think it was a very fast read for me, very easy to read.
Suz: It wasn’t trying to be all poetic and all that.
Annie: Exactly, enough description and it didn’t lag.
Annie: How’d you like the Berserker reference and backstory?
Suz: I liked it, I liked the idea of Berserkers
Annie: I thought it was pretty badass. I love the Berserkers.
Fran: I liked it too.
Suz: I loved it when he shagged her in his bearskin LOL!
Annie: ME TOO!
Fran: Berserkers are hot
Annie: Man I want that!
Suz: Me too, against a tree trunk yum!
Annie: yummy!
Fran: Double yum LOL!
Suz: Double yum! TWO BERSERKERS! At once!
Fran: His brothers were cute too
Suz: They were sweet, when they are older, there are your TWO BERSERKERS!
Annie: Excited about the next book?
Suz: I am
Fran: I am!!! This series is sweet light fun, entertaining
Suz: It is, I can’t wait to see what happens in the end and how they bring it all together. So the most important question! Nicolai or Osborn?
Annie: OSBORN!
Suz: haha me too!
Fran: Osborn
Annie: I want a Berserker baby!
Fran: Lol!
Suz: Lol!
Fran: This couple wins hands down
Annie: I think so, what do you think about the Elden world?
Suz: It is good but we aren’t given that much info. It is in bits and pieces. We don’t know how the world works as a whole if you know what I mean
Annie: yea it’s still up in the air after 2 books.
Fran: Yeah I agree.
Annie: Okay cool question. If you could write a series like this with 4 authors, who would you pick?
Suz: Good question! JR Ward, Kresly Cole, Christine Warren, or maybe Jeaniene Frost and ILONA ANDREWS
Fran: Ward, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter
Annie: Ward, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione
Suz: So we all pick JRW and KC, How about Lisa Kleypas?
Annie: YES!
Fran: That would be cool
Annie: Lisa Kleypas doing a PNR. AWESOME!
Suz: I think LK would write a great PNR.
Fran: What about Jennifer Ashley?
Annie: Oh yes for sure!
Suz: So basically all our favourite authors! Lol! So what fairy tales? I think JRW would do an awesome Beauty and the Beast
Fran: Yes!
Annie: What about Cole?
Fran: What about the Little Mermaid?
Annie: That would be cool!
Suz: Or, Little Red Riding Hood, with LYKAE! *swoon*
Fran: Ione should try that one
Annie: the wargs!
Annie: For Kleypas?
Fran: Cinderella?
Annie: Yesss!
Suz: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, a bit of ménage a 8 going on! LOL!
Fran: OMG!
Annie: LOL!
Suz: Sleeping Beauty, Frost I think.
Annie: Yeah I like that! Wow we are making a new series right here!
Fran: We gotta contact the authors
Suz: and collect the profits KERCHING!
Annie: Jackpot!
Fran: SO back to Lord of Rage, anything you want to add?
Suz: Just that I liked it, it was a good quick read that I would read again
Fran: Hot hero; cute heroine and a sweet story
Annie: Can I have Osborn?
Suz: No, sorry it’s my Birthday so therefore he is mine lol!
Fran: I’ll take the two brothers in 10 years time.
Annie: LMAO!
Suz: lol stealing my idea, 2 Bersekers are better than 1!
Fran: You have Osborn
Suz: I want a matching set!
Annie: LMAO!
Fran: Lol! Sorry no can do! Take Bones out to play!
Annie: VLAD!
Annie: Oh Vlad! He makes me burn
Suz: I would see a doc Annie. Burning is NOT a good sign!
Fran: Yeah seriously Annie, get that check out! LOL!
Annie: I meant....never mind. I hate you. *glares*

I hope you enjoyed our review! It isn't edited AT ALL because of course we always have correct spelling and grammer and we NEVER go off on tangents. (*whispers* don't worry, Annie and saw a doctor and all is well! She just had hussyitus).

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