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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors #1)
by Pamela Palmer
Paranormal Romance

An optomistic 3.5 Stars!

I am a HUGE fan of Shifter PNR, a complete ShifterSlut in fact, stake the vampires in the sun and watch 'em smoulder because for me Shifters are top dog, cat you name it! So I love the idea of the Feral Warriors series, any series about a big sexy band of alpha male shifters is going to get my attention. So I went into this series fully prepared to create brand new shrine, infact I had already bought the requiste candles and got the goat for the live sacrifice *please note no animals were harmed in the making of this review* and although I may be holding off on the goat, I have started to light the candles.

Th Feral Warriors are a group of Shifters who protect the world by slaying he deamons which would otherwise take over and suck teh life out of all living beings. But to do this they need a Radiant a woman who can supply them with the power to shift which without they slowly go mad and die. But the last Radiant has died and now Lyon the chief of the Ferals needs to find their new Radiant and ascend her before the daemons start swarming the Earth.

As I mentined I liked this book it was a decent start to the series, although it wasn't fantastic as I had a few issues with it, I did enjoy it. The set up of it almost reminded me of Black Dagger Brotherhood, only with shifters and frankly not as good, they are all warriors and definitely not tame they all had a hint of the wild in them, which lures me in, I love seeing them tame for their one true mate. And Lyon (guess what he shifts in to?!) I really liked him, he was hot dangerous and literally kiss you in to orgasm! Kara, the new Radiant, I liked her, but unfortunately I think she will fall in to the catergory of heroines who I liked when I was reading her, but will forget very soon afterwards.

Now to the niggles. One of the things that bug me most about some PNRs is the early I-love-yous, sometimes I feel them sometimes I don't. I didn't feel it with this book and it put me off, up until that point I felt their stong attraction there was no doubt about their chemistry which was written fantastically, but suddenly it goes from them wanting to boink like bunnies to her falling in love with him, which I didn't see, I think it would have been better a bit further into the book. I wouldn't say it spoiled the book but I was left thing "huh?" after she had the "realization."

The only other thing that I found with this book is that I mixed up all the other Feral's name and who was who! I think that after I have read the next book it will be straight in my head but you meet all of the ten warriors at once and I was left a little confused about who was who.

However, it had shifters, HOT SEX, more shifters, interesting plot line and oh yeah did I mention SHIFTERS? So I really liked it and I am reading the next one as soon as I have finished lighting the candles in my new Feral Warriors shrine.

*** When I first read this book, I thought the cover was AWFUL, but now when posting I have changed my mind, it is growing on me look at his yummy oily body!


jfort357 said...

Luv me some shape shifters!!! Especially if they're eye candy & the story is filled with flaming HOT sex!!! ;-) Thanks for sharing, Suz!!! Definitely gonna check this read out!!! :-D

KittenMittens said...

Awesome! I have to check this out now :)

Lauren B said...

I love shifters too and like you prefer them to vampires. I also loved this book. The thing that really grabbed me was the detailed world building.
Thanks for the review.

Ren said...

I remember Desire Untamed is one of some paranormal books I read when first I delved into this genre, and I love Pamela Palmer's writing even the name kinda silly *snort*. And I never know that guy at cover is naked until I look it closer, lol

Unknown said...

Thanks guys : )

He's naked? I am going to have to look at this cover closer!

Sheree said...

I have this book in my TBR pile (because that yummy, oiled, naked man is Paul Marron!) but I haven't read it yet. After reading your excellent review, maybe I should read it soon...

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Good review Suz!

miki said...

i love reading about shapeshifters at the moment so this book seems more than interesting

thanks you for the discovery


Lisa D said...

Love the feral warriors, always a good read...

mnjcarter said...

Liked the review, love an untamed warrior. HOT!
Hot sex shifters sounds right up my alley!

mnjcarter @ charter . net

Sophia Rose said...

I know you are going to throw parts of your candle stubs at me, but while I like shifter tales, I am also in like with the other paranormal races too.

The idea of shifters who become different animals and the rest of this world Pamela created does sound good though. Look forward to reading the series.

June M. said...

I love PNR, both shifters and vamps, also demons and so on. I have been wanting to read this series for a while but have not started it yet. Thank you for the great review though. I will definitely have to start this series.

erin said...

thanks for the great review! I'm always looking for new PNR and to have shapeshifters that are not just wolves is very interesting to me! Bring on the shapeshifting luv! I will definitely be adding this series to my wishlist!

xander_316 said...

The Feral Warriors is one of those series for me that you get because you just cant put those books down :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, series and author new to me, but now I'll be looking to add them to my collection.

Helen said...

I am definitely going to have to read this