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Saturday, 27 August 2011

ARC Review: Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl

4.5 Feathers
Good Girls Don't
(Donovan Brothers Brewery # 1)
by Victoria Dahl
(Contemporary Romance)

First of all... I'm so excited that I got an ARC of this book! I've had it on my list since I heard about the new series coming out. So of course before I started reading this book, I loved Victoria Dahl's writing. Now after reading the book, I LOVE VICTORIA DAHL'S WRITING! Yeah, excuse the fan girl moment. But I'll explain to you why. Ms. Dahl manages to create interesting worlds where the storylines are believable and fun, the characters are likeable and you are actually glued to the pages because you care about what happens to them! At least, that's my opinion. I haven't read a book by her that I don't feel like that.

Good Girls Don't is the first book in the Donovan Brewery series. If you read the prequel in The Guy Next Door (and I think you should because it does give you a little bit of background info into the storyline) you'll notice that the characters featured in book 1 are NOT the characters in the prequel. Some people are a bit upset about that. I personally didn't mind at all because this book is about the only sister in the Donovan Brewery, Tessa Donovan, and she is the coolest chick around. I loved her! Yes, she has a few immature moments, but she's young and only wants her family to be together and live happily ever after.

Tessa was just a lot of fun! She even tweets just to torment her brother Jamie, which I thought was hilarious. She is kind of put in a place where she has to save a very big contract for the brewery and she tries to do this all by herself. But a girl needs to have some fun in the meantime right? So lets bring in sexy small town cop Luke Asher. Hold on, let me wipe the drool off the keyboard. He is HAWT! Tortured hero, not good at relationships, thinks he's too damaged to be dating material, especially for such a sweet girl. But Tessa knows just how to tease him and he just melts in her hands!

The romance was really cute, you can feel the chemistry and see the sparks flying from the first moment. And I do like that Luke doesn't try to act all tough and fight it, he actually goes to her against his better judgement. I think she's just the type of girl he needed.

There still a bit of drama with solving a crime (someone broke into the brewery) which is where Luke comes in, and how this affects the business-deal-about-to-go-bad (all thanks to Jamie's playboy ways) which gives this book the perfect backdrop to the story. We do get a good view as to what happens in the day to day lives of a lot of the characters in the story. And I love how Beth's character from the prequel is weaved in at a few points. I do think those two need the time she's giving their story to develop.

Now onto Jamie... His book is next and I'M WORRIED. Especially not knowing exactly what already went down in this book between him and Olivia. But I'm definitely curious to see it all play out. And of course to see more of sexy Jamie in his kilt. 

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