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Monday 8 August 2011

Review: The Guy Next Door by Lori Foster, Susan Donovan and Victoria Dahl

The Guy Next Door
by Lori Foster, Susan Donovan and Victoria Dahl
(Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor # 0.5)
(Donovan Brothers Brewery # 0.5)
Contemporary Romance

Ready, Set, Jett by Lori Foster
3 Feathers

This story is the prequel of a new series by Lori Foster called Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor. First of all, the whole concept of the series is very appealing to me, so I was very excited to start it by reading this story. AND this is my first time EVER reading Lori Foster. I have heard such great things about her writing and that just made my expectations higher.

And, quite frankly, I was disappointed! So disappointed with this short story. First of all I think the heroine, Natalie, is just a tad stupid. I mean, she's had issues because she comes from a wealthy family, where there was no concept of family at all, no values, and no love. And on top of that every man that has ever wanted anything to do with her was to get her money. So, ok I get it. She has to be very careful. But in this case, she just doesn't want anybody to know who she really is, and she feels that she can't EVER have a real relationship, no matter how much she likes the guy. Thaaaaaaat was a bit extreme for me.

So she's living in an apartment complex, and out of the blue, kind of, one thing leads to another and she ends up having a "booty call" affair with her hunky neighbor, Jett. And when I say booty call, that is strictly all she ever does. They don't have conversations other than dirty talk, they are never seen in public together, she leads her life as if nothing was happening between them. Supposedly, this is to protect herself.

But Jett really likes her, and he wants more from her. Since he was injured in the line of duty, he is now a PI of sorts and he does some background checks on her and discovers her past. He then decides that he will push his way into her life and into a relationship.

So, I'm not going to tell you how the story ends, but it just felt that she all of a sudden has a change of heart, on issues that I thought were a little stupid to begin with, and all of a sudden they're going to get married. Hmmmmm

One other thing that I didn't enjoy as much as I thought was the actual writing. I felt it was choppy at times, either something would drag and then all of a sudden it was done. It didn't flow for me as I was expecting. I have seen from other reviews that this is not Ms. Fosters usual style and I'm still very hopeful to read a full book by her. Novellas and short stories can be very difficult to write and still convey the same connection as a full book.

I am interested on how the first book of the series was set up and I can't wait to read it.

Gail's Gone Wild by Susan Donovan
3 Feathers

This story was actually cute, it flowed nicely, it was entertaining at times, but it was one of those stories where you just want to beat the hero with a stick over the head.

Gail is 36, with a 17 year old daughter who's dying to go to the Florida Keys on spring break. Gail is recently divorced, her husband was actually embellishing money from a lot of people and just a lying con artist, so she's been hurt and has been alone for some time. So when her daughter brings up spring break vacation, she decides to go with her to chaperone and at the same time give herself a little much needed fun time.

What she wasn't expecting is the hot cuban who lives next door to her rental, with the salt and pepper hair and earring. She is smitten with Jesse's charm. But Jesse has also been burned before. At 38, he's a very successful author, and he recently had a woman who rented that house whom he became involved with only to find out she wanted to make money off of him, and she had sued him for abuse, accused him of getting her pregnant, in the end a media disaster.

So what does Jesse decide to do? NOT tell her who he really is. She thinks he's a tour guide. She is very straightforward with him, and tells him all about her past and how important honesty is for her. And he keeps going with his lie.

Of course, these two have really good chemistry, and during the course of her vacation they develop feelings for each other, that is until the time he decides to come clean.

This story was cute, it was sweet, but it certainly wasn't compelling me to not put the book down. There wasn't anything that special about it. But as short stories go, I think it's pretty good!

Just One Taste by Victoria Dahl
4.5 Feathers

And this is the reason why I wanted to read this book. I love Victoria Dahl and I can't wait to start on her new series about the Donovan brothers and their brewery. Set in Colorado, the Donovan brothers, and sister, have a pretty successful business and in this prequel, Eric Donovan, the oldest, gets stuck at manning the booth at the local business expo. He is the behind the scenes guy. His youngest brother should be the one doing this, you know serving beer to prospective clients wearing his kilt. But he can't make it and it's up to Eric to take his place, along with trying to make new business contacts to get their beer out to more people.

Except, he almost can't concentrate because all he can do is stare at the hottie in the booth across from him, and its a booth for the sex shop in town nonetheless. She is the last person he should try to get involved with. He's the serious guy. But he can't hide his attraction, and when she comes up to him thinking he is Jamie, he decides "Why not? Jamie would do it."

Beth has a thing for preppy guys. If her friends from work would know she'd be the talk of the town and ridiculed, but that's her ultimate fantasy. But that guy in the Donovan Brewery booth is a preppy God! When she passes the booth she looks at the name tag on the table: Jamie Donovan. She's heard of him, kind of a player reputation. Maybe she could have a fling with him and no one would have to know.

This story was sexy, hot, cute, everything. I loved it. And it has a very open ending which makes me want to rush and read book 1!!!!

Another great story by Ms. Dahl!

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