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Friday, 12 August 2011

Review: The Deadliest Bite by Jennifer Rardin

The Deadliest Bite
by Jennifer Rardin
(Jaz Sparks # 8)
Urban Fantasy

This is the last book in the Jaz Sparks series.  Did it really take me 8 books to realize that yes, Jaz is crazy? LOL  The woman not only hears voices in her head, but actually they play whole scenes for her and interact!  But in this book, it worked for me.  And they worked for her.  Teen Me, Inner Bimbo and Granny May were all very much present, very funny and actually helpful!

On top of her own voices, she has Brude still trapped inside her head, literally, and now the time has come for her to banish him forever.

All the lose end stories come up in this book, and still manage to keep the storyline interesting, action packed and totally hysterical.  Vayl has finally found his sons, even if not exactly in the way he had planned.  He has to fight to not get killed by them and to save them.  All the previous bad guys make an appearance in this book so we can finish them off.  It was great!

As always I enjoy the humor that's always mixed in with this series.  Bergman grows a pair so on top of being the smartest, most creative and funniest guy around, he actually helps save the day!  So proud of him.  Cole and his usual humor at the most inappropriate times.  And I love the pets (mascots?) robokitty (Astral) and Jack!

This was a very good ending to the story, it cements the relationship between Vayl and Jaz as strong and everlasting, it answers all the questions you could've had and it gives you some unexpected surprises in the end.

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