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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Battle of the Covers: Best of 2011

Normally we have the UK and USA covers facing off, but since it's January we'd like to see who you think was the best cover of 2011!  We're going to give you some choices, so vote for your favorite!

by Lauren Dane

A Touch of Crimson
by Sylvia Day

Blood Law
by Karin Tabke

River Marked
by Patricia Briggs

The Girl in the Steel Corset
by Kady Cross

Blood Rights
by Kristen Painter

Changing the Game
by Jaci Burton

Breaking Point
by Pamela Clare

Dark Taste of Rapture
by Gena Showalter

by Sabrina Benulis

So which one of these do you think was 
the best cover of the year???  


chilosa2004 said...

wow thats a hard decision, i loved both Pamela Clare and Jaci Burton!!!

SacredmOOn said...

I vote for Blood Rights by Kristen Painter. The whole series covers are simply amazing. I can't wait to read them. DeAnna S.

Jackie said...

I voted for Blood Rights because since the first time I saw the cover for the book by Kristen Painter it haunted me, read books one and two and so looking forward to the third book now!

Patti P said...

That is sooo cruel.
too many yummy covers.

bridgetw3 said...

All were great covers but I have to vote for Breaking Point. There's something about a dirty shirtless man that is just so yummy!

Timitra said...

It was hard to choose because I love the Mesmerized, Changing The Game, Blood Law and Breaking Point covers...I ended up choosing Breaking point that cover is just too sexy!!!

Unknown said...

Dark Taste of Rapture
by Gena Showalter

SanDiegoSuzanne said...

Apparently Jed Hill can look forward to a lot more work. He is on the currently ranked #1 & #2 covers.

I had a hard time choosing but I went with Breaking Point because the cover caused me to pick up a Pamela Clare book for the first time. I have now read all her books and am looking forward to Defiant.