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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Review: Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs


Blood Bound
(Mercy Thompson #2)
by Patricia Briggs

Blood Bound, the second book in the Mercy Thompson series was definitely better than the first! I thought the story was much more engaging in this one. There was a purpose straight from the beginning and of course, I can’t complain since Stefan has a considerable amount of page time!

Mercy, my new favourite heroine, finds herself in a bit of a situation involving the seethe and a certain demon-riding vampire named Cory Littleton. The guy ended up with a wuss name, but this creep is scary as fuck! The scene where he was pressed up against Mercy’s bedroom window, scratching the glass with his teeth made me want to go screaming for Sam. But Mercy handles her fear well. She does this countless times within this book, playing detective and using her connections to her advantage. Not only she is capable, but she’s smart as hell too!

Briggs knows how to tease me. She loves ending books with the Mercy-Adam-Samuel love triangle. My heart broke when Samuel revealed the truth about what happened when he was in Texas. Aww, the poor guy! And then there’s the fact that he kisses Mercy! TWICE!!

And what about that work-out scene with Adam? That scene served two purposes. One, readers get to read about a sweaty Adam. Cue swoons. And two, it furthers the storyline with the dom/sub issue between Mercy and Adam. I don’t see it as a problem since neither of them can control themselves around each other.

I have no idea who Mercy is going to choose because I adore both wolves equally! I don’t think Mercy is a girl who’ll leads men on. But if there’s one thing that’s got me hooked about this series, it’s the love triangle! I can’t help myself!

But this book wasn’t without its imperfections! I thought some scenes dragged on a little too long, such as Mercy’s second visit to Stefan’s menagerie. Nevertheless, this book was damn entertaining.

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Jeremy said...

Everyone gives this series rave reviews but I tried the first book and I just couldn't get over the lack of romance in them. Great review by the way.

Unknown said...

Thanks Danielle. This series does have romance however, it's only a subplot as it if a urban fantasy and not strictly romance. Just takes awhile to get there.

Sophia Rose said...

I agree that this book is building from the first and takes off with a bang. The scene at the window and speaking in Sam's voice was a definite shivers up my back moment. My heart was racing as I flipped pages.

Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

Great review !! I love the covers .. cant wait to read this series Im new to it and hope to enjoy it as much as your review is put forth !! thanks !!