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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Krazy Kleypas Challenge: January Update

Have you started on your Lisa Kleypas challenge?  Just use this post to let us know about your January progress.  Do you want to sign up?  Find the link at the end of this post.

10 Books
Cat 3 - Kaptured by Kleypas 
Read: 2

9 Books
Cat 3 - Kaptured by Kleypas 
Read: 1

3 Books
Cat 1 - Popping Your Kleypas Cherry 
Read: 0

19 Books
Cat 5 - Kleypas Krazy 
Read: 0


Unknown said...

Alrighty my list goes:
1. Mine Till Midnight
2. Seduce Me At Sunrise
3. Tempt Me At Twilight
4. Married By Morning
5. Love in the Afternoon

6. Sugar Daddy
7. Blue-Eyed Devil
8. Smooth Talking Stranger

Bow Street Runners
9. Somebody to Watch Over Me
10. Lady Sophia's Lover
11. Worth Any Price

12. Again the Magic
13. Devil in the Winter

Stand Alone book
14. Suddenly You

So are my list is up to 14! Love Lisa's books.

I had won some blog hop books :)
So I now have ready to go the rest of the Wallflowers. Can't wait!