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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Bad Blood by Kristen Painter

Bad Blood
by Kristen Painter
(House of Comarre # 3)

When I first started reading this series I thought it was going to be a trilogy, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out before I started this book that it would continue.  The thing that keeps drawing me to this series is the sophisticated world.  There is still so much that can be done with this characters and so much more than can happen!

This book starts off pretty much as soon as the last one ended.  Chrysabelle is still recovering from her injuries, her life was saved thanks to Mal, and again she's not talking to either him or Creed.  A bit selfish maybe if you ask me.  Chrysabelle was a bit more withdrawn in this book and in some ways things that happened in this book felt more like a setup for the rest of the story.  She's now looking for her brother.  One that she didn't know existed before.  To accomplish this she must get back to see the Aurelian to get a name.  But she can't go back with our her signum.

She makes the decision to melt the famous Ring to use the gold for her signum.  Good or bad decision?  We will soon find out!  But you will never believe where she had stashed the ring for safekeeping!

We get to travel to yet another city in Painter's world.  This time is the ever popular New Orleans.  I actually loved her twist on the city as it now belongs to the fae and vamps are persona non grata in the city.  In order to get her ring back, Chrysabelle, Mal and Mortalis must help the fae in New Orleans solve a few issues.  While back on the home front Creed, Doc and Fi are dealing with well.... a lot going on back home.  Samhain is here and the creatures are out.

Mal and Chrysabelle's relationship was cemented a bit more in this book, which pushes aside the love triangle we started to see in the previous book.  I'm happy about this.  They both love each other, and Mal's feelings run deep.  I'd love for them to be able to explore their feelings in the nest book.

I'm excited to see what's to come out, even though I'm still not sold on this as a favorite series of mine, it's unique, intriguing and interesting!

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Jennifer @ The Book Nympho said...

Glad to see you enjoyed the book and series. I'm reading and reviewing it for March during my UF month. I can't wait to dig in after your review.

Timitra said...

Sounds pretty good, think I need to add this series to my mountainous wishlist!!!!

SacredmOOn said...

I'm absolutely dying to get my hands on this series! Great review! I've seen and read nothing but rave reviews of this series and author all over the blogs-sphere. I have yet to find one review that didn't like this series. Thanks for posting! DeAnna