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Monday, 9 January 2012


Oh girls I have a good one for you this week! Special thanks to Brie of Romance Around the Corner for bringing me this man to my attention. She thinks someone should write an erotic romance starring Fassy. I wholeheartedly agree!! Someone should! Any takers?

Michael is on the cover of GQ UK but its what he says to the magazine that makes him the Hottie of the Week! He uses words that make a woman like me whimper in anticipation.

Take a look at what he has to say on sleeping around:
“Sleeping around? I don’t think it’s a cliché. You’re traveling around a lot and perhaps lonely and you want some kind of connection again. You’re in a position where people treat you differently. Maybe a lot of people are in denial and think that it’s down to their looks and their charm that a lot of women proposition them, but the fact of that matter is they are living with what appears to be an attractive lifestyle. Your opportunities are multiplied again, so there’s more of a buffet of choice.”
Buffet of choice? Huh.

Here's what he had to say on easy woman:
“I think you just have to keep an eye on things. I’m not immune to anything, but I’m aware of my weaknesses and THE BEAST WITHIN. Like anything, if you feed it enough times, it starts to take control. That thing of being seduced, and you’ve just got to be careful. But that’s no guarantee that I’m not going to go crazy and destroy the sweetshop.”
Holy sweet Jesus!!! The beast within? I'd like to get more acquainted with this so-called beast. Annnndd, the "...no guarantee that I'm not going to go crazy and destry the sweetshop." Oh boy. I think I just lost my panties.


Kat Black said...

What a happy coincidence! I've just spent the past couple of hours drooling over Fass as Mr Broody-Breeches Rochester (instead of doing important revisions, I might add - shhh) and totally agree he and his inner beast deserve their shared place as Hottie of the Week. Grrrrrr.

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Very nice!

Timitra said...

I would love to get acquainted with that inner beast too!!!! He has such gorgeous blue eyes I could get lost in them!!!!!

Patricia said...

I'm actually wincing a bit right now. Also crying. Because.. ya know, I'll never sleep with him. Not only because I'm not a celeb or well, not as awesome. Also if he slept with me, he could almost be considered a pedo. *sigh* Life's hard.

But why "of the week". WEEK? Are we talking about Fassbender here? o_ô

Sophia Rose said...

I was impressed with him when I saw the newest 'Jane Eyre'.

Love those eyes!

Unknown said...

Everyone drools over Fassy, Kat!

Timitra, there may be a line to get some of that inner beast!

Omg Patricia! I'm laughing my ass off!

I need to watch that, Sophia! Stat!