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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review: All Fall Down by Megan Hart

All Fall Down
by Megan Hart

Thought provoking life story. All Fall Down is not your typical Megan Hart book. At least not so much what I'm used to reading from her, although I know she started out writing this type of fiction. However, it's one of those books that you want to stop reading but you can't put it down.

Extremely well written, it tells us the story of Sunshine. She's 19 years old and has three kids, Happy, Bliss and Peace. Sunny was raised in what you would normally call a cult house. Her mother had left her father to join this "religion" and that's all Sunny has known her whole life.

Until one day her mom makes her run away from the house with her three kids and go find her father. This right before everyone in this cult house commits mass suicide. She is now at the mercy of a father who didn't know about her and who has remarried.

Liesel, his new wife, has always wanted children. Now this seems like a gift that she gets to have 3 little ones to care for.  The struggles that every character in this book goes through are deep and heartbreaking. Sunny, living in the world with the blemished. Liesel being a mother. Christopher dealing with a daughter that reminds him of the woman he once loved and left him. Some of them a bit traumatic. Some of them tender.

No happy ending for this story. Maybe a hope it can get better at some point ending. That was the only part I wasn't too happy with in this story, but in a way, it's the only realistic ending for someone that has been through what Sunny has. 

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