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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review: Risk No Secrets by Cindy Gerard


Risk No Secrets
(Black Ops # 5)
by Cindy Gerard

RISK NO SECRETS is a little different from the rest of the series. This takes on the issue of kidnapping for ransom. Sophie Baylor, a sweet teacher from El Salvador calls Wyatt “Papa Bear” Savage when her daughter’s best friend was taken right before her eyes. Though still fearing for her the little girl’s life, Sophie also feels like a terrible person when she feels relief that it’s not her daughter who was taken. However, there is a chance that whoever this person who took the girl will come back to steal Hope also. Such a scary thought!

But Wyatt is there to prevent this from happening. Papa Bear and Sophie are the perfect match. Both are protective of innocents and their strengths really compliment one another. When Sophie has a meltdown over the situation, Wyatt is there to keep her steady and vice versa.

As usual, the action started right from the get-go and Gerard does a stunning job of pulling on a reader’s heartstrings. Anyone with a heart will fall in love with this book. There’s passion, friendship and love all rolled into one.

But it’s this old friendship between Wyatt and Sophie that makes the romance aspect of this story interesting. Sophie was married to Wyatt’s best friend and unfortunately for Wyatt, he still carries strong feelings for Sophie. When she calls him, those emotions roil through him once again, sparking a long repressed instinct to love.

Though this may not be my favourite of the series, the Black Ops series is still going strong. I can’t wait to get into Doc Holliday’s book!

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Timitra said...

I can't wait to get and read this series one after the other!!!

Unknown said...

Yay, I hope you enjoy Timitra! I got addicted pretty quickly.


Sophia Rose said...

I've enjoyed the reviews on this series and this one sounds pretty good to me too.


loves to dive said...

I love both of Cindy Gerards series and have read all the books. Your right, this one is not the best but you can't go wrong with it. You'll like the next one, Doc is a sweety.