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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Jill Myles!

Holla Maidens! We're so excited to have Jill Myles here with us today! Jill is the author of the Succubus Diaries and if you haven't read this series, then you're missing out! Ms. Myles gives us a unique take on vampires, angels and succubi and makes me laugh along the way! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

The history behind your succubi and their connection between vampires and angels is highly original! What was the inspiration behind this? How did Succubus Diaries come to be?

It was a pretty long process! I was working on a book about angels, and nothing was clicking for me. Then I had a flash of an idea about a reluctant succubus, and knew I wanted to incorporate that into my angel book. It added another angle, but I kept expanding outward, trying to figure out the world. What would be the repercussions of an angel that goes 'bad'? Why would someone want to? Why didn't an angel turn someone into a succubus every time he slept with them? Adding vampires to my mythos was kind of like finding the last piece of the puzzle.

UTC: If you had to choose, which of your characters is most similar to you in personality?

This is probably going to make my husband laugh, but Remy. The dirty jokes? The never-take-anything-seriously? The sheer silliness? A lot of that is me without a filter. I love Remy. Don't get me wrong, Jackie's part of me too, but she's the grumpy, slightly-worried-about-everything part of me.

UTC: You also write under the pen name of Jessica Clare. What major differences are there when writing contemporary romance as opposed to urban fantasy?

You can't just throw a vampire in there! ;) Seriously though - the hardest thing about contemporary is that everything - the problems, the reactions, the resolutions, the jobs, the personalities, the relationships - all have to have that ring of "This is how real life works" even if it's a fictional story. In paranormal, I feel like the gloves are off and just about anything goes.

UTC: This is going to be a tricky question... Which paranormal creature is sexier: Succubi, vampires or angels?

I do have a soft spot for vampires... ;)

UTC: If your characters could merge with other characters from another book, who would they meet?

Probably Meljean Brook's Guardians. I love that series so much, and I think certain characters would have a lot in common. Plus, I would just love for Remy to meet Irena.

UTC: If you could have one magical power, what would it be and why?

I'd love to be able to fly. No traffic, no airlines, no boundaries.

UTC: If you could date any male character from any book, who would it be and why?

Maybe Cade from Kresley Cole's DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK ? He seems like he'd be a lot of fun and doesn't take himself too seriously.

UTC: What book is currently on your nightstand? 

Meljean Brook's DEMON BOUND which I am reading for the millionth time, THE MONSTRUMOLOGIST by Rick Yancey is on my audio-book player, and Cindy Pon's FURY OF THE PHOENIX is waiting to be read next. I am told there is a lot of kissing and angsty romance in this one!

UTC: "Succubi Are Forever" is your fourth and final book in the Succubus Diaries. What can readers expect from this book? 

Explosions! Cats and dogs fighting! The end of the world! Monsters! Or, you know, none of these things. ;) Jackie still has a lot of ground to cover in SUCCUBI ARE FOREVER. There are more halos to be found, Noah to be rescued (cough), more secrets to be revealed, and a promise made to a demon that needs to be taken care of. Plus, I need to show everyone that Jackie's HEA is working...or is it?

(Did I scare you?)

Anyhow, I'm really excited to write that book. It's been on my mind constantly over the past few months, even when I work on other projects. It's going to be awesome.

Ms. Myles is kindly giving away a bundle of 3 stories in her Succubus Diaries series to 5 lucky winners!  All you have to do is:
1. Be a follower of this blog
2. Leave a message here or on any review of the stories (Foreplay), (Zane's Tale), (Slave To Her Desires), and make sure to leave your email address in the post so we can contact you!

Entering dates are June 9 - June 12.  Open to everyone. Winner will be picked via random.org and announced June 13!  Don't miss out!

And now ... we leave you with the book trailer for "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi"


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Great interview!

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Awesome interview! I just recently downloaded Foreplay on my ereader and can't wait to read it!


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Loved the interview! And would you look at that combination book cover, i'm drooling! It's gorgeous!


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

What a great interview! I totally agree with Jill's assessment of the major differences with writing contemporaries and PNR's. I think you definitely can take off the kid gloves with PNR's.

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ARGH!!! I've been wanting to read her!!!!

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Great interview! I just read your review for Foreplay and I love it.
Thanks for the giveaway!

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Great interview and I love the trailer.
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Great interview and I'm LOVING ♥ the covers. The books look positively yummy!



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How have I missed these books? *sigh* Looks like I have some catching up to do. :)

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These books look awesome! I would LOVE to win them!
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Great interview!

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Awesome interview and the trailer is just too cute! The cover is positively yummy. I've been wanting to read these for a while. :)

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I am certainly having fun today. What a treat of a giveaway opportunity. I have not read this author and look forward to doing so. I have heard about this book quite a bit recently and it looks yummy. Thank you for sharing.


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All the books look really great..
Loved the interview
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Great giveaway. Would definitely love to win this.


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I have Foreplay on my Nook but I've not gotten around to reading it yet. It would be great to have the others. Thanks

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I think you will enjoy Fury of the Phoenix. I did!
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This sounds like such a great series. I'd love to win. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview and to provide a giveaway.
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Great review. I'd love to read this series.


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AngelaC said...

Great Interview. And thank you Jill for taking the time. It's nice for us readers to get a background of the auhor and how thier Idea started.

Got Foreplay licked and loaded on my Nookie. Can't wait.

AngelaC said...

I meany LOCKED and loaded. LMAO.

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Love the interview! I have had this series on my TBR list for awhile, I can’t wait to get started on this series!
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ReneeRearden said...


This IS a great interview because I've never heard of the Succubus Diaries. How is that possible? I live the idea behind the world setup...who wouldn't? A fallen angel, master vampire and, oops, a Succubus! I read the reviews for Foreplay, Zane's Tale, and Slave to her Desires. This world sounds fascinating. I would LOVE to win this book so I can learn about the characters of the Succubus Diaries world. What an introduction!!!


Eden Summers said...

I haven't had my hands on these books yet!!!