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Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: Eternal Kiss by Laura Wright


Eternal Kiss (Mark of the Vampire # 2)
by Laura Wright
Paranormal Romance

Eternal Kiss is Kate and Nicholas’s book and while my favourite Roman brother is Luca, I found that I did enjoy this book! Nicholas is a tortured hero almost as much as Kate is a tortured heroine. His past has haunted him his entire existence and his reputation isn’t one that he likes to flaunt but can't escape.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of great things about Nicholas! My favourite thing though, is the fact that he is so loyal to his family. His willingness to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others...WOW! Makes me want to sink my nails into that one! Rawr! *claws the air*

Sorry, I got carried away.

As you may already know, I LOVE LOVE LOVED Sara from the first book, so Kate has some tough competition. There are few heroines out there that can top her and for me, Kate Everborne didn’t win the prize. She has problems with trust from the beginning, and though understandable, I wished she was more accepting of Nick. I love a strong heroine, but in order for a romance to work, she has got to let the hero in. However, she shares most of Nick's traits, and she will do anything for others, and constantly sacrifices herself and her freedom to do what's right and protect the ones she loves.

Speaking of tortured heroes we have to mention Gray and his internal struggles, that drives him to drinking and having random sex with total strangers and gets himself in lots of trouble. I'm hoping he can find some peace and acceptance soon!

I also have to mention Dare who I think is the sexiest thing alive! What can I say? I enjoy reading about the bad guys and Ms. Wright writes them well! There are a few twists and turns that took me by surprise. Won't give out any spoilers, just know that things aren't always as they seem. You pulled a fast one on me, Laura and I enjoyed the ride!

I was glued to the pages for Lucas bits in this book. There's a situation (no, won't tell you what it is) that I'm dying to figure out how he'll overcome in his book so he can be with Brownyn. But now, here’s the thing...I have to WAIT FOR LUCA’S BOOK UNTIL NEXT YEAR! *sobs* I don’t think I can handle this. Eternal Captive, here I come...I’m the heroine, right? Right?



Lori @ Romancing the Dark Side said...

I think I found a new series! Great review.

ChrisS said...

Thanks for your review. This series is at the top of my wish list and I can't wait to read it.

Sheree said...

Now I'm tending toward NOT reading "Eternal Kiss" until "Eternal Captive" is out...

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! Hope you enjoy it!

Sheree, that's a good plan. At least you can experience Nicholas and my baby, Luca together!


Barbara E. said...

Great review. I've heard about these books but haven't had a chance to read any yet. I'm putting them on my wish list now.

June M. said...

I am so eager to read this series, it sounds great. It is on my TBR list and I will be reading them soon.