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Thursday, 30 June 2011

June 2011 Monthly Recap

We have to say goodbye to our hottie Paul Marron!  As we are getting ready for July (which let me tell you we are VERY excited about everything we have lined up for you. In case you might've missed something... here's what's been happening at Under The Covers this past June.

Dirty Little Secret
We just launched our brand new Thursday meme!  Join us from now on every week.  And it's Thursday now, so come and join us!  Click here!

Author of the Month
Laura Wright

Author Interviews
We had some great authors stop by for an interview and giveaways!

Wright, Laura

Myles, Jill

Thompson - Geer, Stacey

Trinity, Stevie

Clare, Pamela

Taylor - Karen E.

Julian, Stephanie 

Author Override
Laura Wright - Interview with a Vampire...or Three

Battle of the Covers
The Psy-Changeling US vs UK covers!  You voted and the results are in!!!!  UK wins with 56% of the votes!  See the post again here.

Kiss of Snow
We celebrated the Kiss of Snow release with a special IM transcript review (click here to read it) and we asked you to vote on which TEAM you were.  Results are in, and the winner is SnowDancer with a whopping 70% of the votes!!  *snickers* I knew it, who can resist those hot wolves!

Mind Spill
Suzanne shared with us why she sometimes prefers ereaders, and when she would rather have a real book.  You voted and 59% of you prefer ereaders.  Missed the post?  Click here!

Reading on the Dark Side
Due to the release of Hunt The Moon, we dedicated our special feature this month to Cassie Palmer's series.  Check it out again here!

The Month in Review


Ren said...

Yay! Congrats for this month! :D You're all awesome guys! I can't wait to know what new feature, author, books and giveaway you will post next month!
And, bye bye Paul Marron *sniff*. Can I said the next hottie for July edition is Jason Momoa?

Unknown said...

Thanks Ren! LOL You'll have to wait and see tomorrow!

Sheree said...

:( But I don't want to say goodbye to Paul!

Great month, by the way!

Artemis said...

Paul is always first on my list! But I'm sure you won't disappoint!

fredamans said...

WOW! You read a whole lot! Way to go!
Happy July reading!