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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review: A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

A Quick Bite
by Lynsay Sands
(Argeneau Vampires # 1)
Paranormal Romance

I really actually enjoyed this book, even though you might think otherwise by my rating. However, it did not impress me. I don't feel the need to rush and get all the Argeneau books immediately, but I will continue reading the series. It was a fresh/light/fun read.

Please don't go into reading this book thinking you'll be getting the most amazing and complicated storyline. I kept waiting for the twists to come, bu there weren't really any.

It starts off really good, I mean, who wouldn't want to be a part of the crazy Argeneau family, yes, they are all crazy! And they have the perfect birthday gift for Lissiana, a hunky human man tied to her bed! But, wait! Don't rush and bite your present! He's not meant to be dinner, he's your psychologist!

Lissiana Argeneau is a vampire, relatively young at only around 80 years old. But she has a problem drinking blood, well, a problem to drink from a bag only. She can't stand the sight of blood. So she's been drinking "off the hoof" from humans, and her family is ready to help her solve her issue by bringing in a famous psychologist who might be able to hypnotize her and help her overcome it.

But Greg didn't necessarily volunteer or even agreed to do this. He was supposed to be on vacation, and he wakes up in a strange bed, tied to it, and then with a beautiful woman on top of him, ravishing him.

The premises for these vampires and how they came to be, the whole Atlantis idea, and the regenerative nanos, didn't really bother me. I thought, if nothing else, it's quite creative. The storyline was lacking a bit of ummpfhh but it was ok, even though some things were not too consistent and a few others where a bit ridiculous (she gets staked and he thinks: first thing I have to do is go put clothes on! Among other *eye-rolling* moments)

It did make me laugh I admit. When the priest/father kept bringing in things meant to scare vampires away, that was hysterical. He makes the soup full of garlic, and fills her office with crosses!

However, this was a good, enjoyable book and I will continue to read this series.