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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: Demon's Fall by Karalynn Lee

Demon's Fall
by Karalynn Lee
Paranormal Romance

This was a quick, short read.  I really liked the concept of the story.  We have an incubus, Kenan, who goes to a sort of slave auction in Hellsgate, and gets himself an angel, Jahel.  She is in desperate need to get back the soul of the young girl she was assigned to.  So Kenan convinces her that he will help her, and they set off in a chase through Hellsgate of this girls soul, meanwhile they start developing feelings for each other.  They both fight the attraction at first, and he even seduces another girl in front of her, but they slowly give in to their feelings.

I liked the concept of Hellsgate, the town.  However the town was missing some spark, some action, some danger, something!  Of course this is a short story, so it's hard to cover all aspects of a story in regards to world building, romance, action.  The romance between Kenan and Jahel starts off pretty quick, it's mildly erotic, but I was not too attached to their characters from the beginning. 

They do go through some troubles trying to get the soul of the young girl back from a hellhound, and the storyline gets a little bit better towards the end where some more action comes into play, having to prevent the apocalypse and all.

I think the author might've tried to put too many ideas into a short story, and definetely it has more potential as a full book, but it was still an ok story!


Anonymous said...

Great review! And I just grabbed a copy of this book off Carina. Thank you for the link and the review!

Unknown said...

Thanks Linds! Hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer_After_Dark said...

How funny I was just on that website found it by accident..and then I saw you posted this review..
sounds like it might be just interesting enough to pass a evening,,angels and demons,,can't really go wrong there..
great review..

Sheree said...

Angels and demons and Jed Hill - oh my!

Unknown said...

Wait hmmmm that's Jed Hill? You know for sure??? LOL