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Friday, 10 June 2011

Review: Die For Me by Amy Plum

Die For Me
by Amy Plum
(Revenants # 1)
Young Adult
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I LOVED THIS BOOK! Wonderful debut by Amy Plum and the Revanants series. I felt completely transported into an elegant european world, filled with art, corner cafes where to read and enjoy a cappuccino and a croissant, while mixing in a very interesting group of undead characters!

Kate and her sister Georgia have to move from Brooklyn to Paris with their grandparents after the deaths of both their parents. Kate is only sixteen and finds the only way to cope with the tragedy and the move is to frequent the places she grew loving and visiting in their summer trips. Cafes where she can lose herself in a good book, art museums and galleries where she can get lost in a painting. And it's precisely at one of those places she meets a boy that takes her breath away. Vincent, dark, gorgeous, 19 year old. Or is he?

I think Kate is a wonderful character. She's a typical teenager dealing with all the normal issues. Then she meets Vincent and her whole world is turned upside down as she is dragged into a world she had no idea existed.

The Revenants are, in a way, undead or zombies?, but not really. They were humans who died in place of someone else, and from then, they have been dying to save others. I loved that concept! And when finding all this out I actually liked the fact that Kate doesn't throw caution to the wind right away to be with him. She wants to have a normal life.

Of course there's always a battle between good and evil which was pretty interesting. Even though the bad guy at the end was almost predictable, I still found the whole thing interesting and the twists we find out of what Vincent and Kate CAN be together are nice. And speaking of nice, what he did for her birthday.... SWOON.

The supporting characters are all endearing as well. Jules, Charlotte and Ambrose in particular. I actually liked her sister Georgia as well. You could tell she loved her sister even though she was dealing with their problems in a non-conventional way.

And now the few things I didn't totally love, just to keep it fair. I thought the grandparents had no control over what these two girls were doing. How can that be possible? You have 2 teenagers coming and going whenever they please, and doing as they like. Not good. And as I've seen a reference before to a similarity to Twilight, I will address that as well. The ONLY similarity this story can have with Twilight is that maybe the structure of the Revenants was a bit like the Cullen family. There's the elder that rules the crazy "teenagers", the lonely soul girl "Charlotte" which could be like Alice; the big, tough, flirty one "Ambrose" who could be an Emmett; Vincent obviously being Edward; I can't put my finger on Jules though, LOL. But that's as far as it goes. This book really is nothing like Twilight. So there, I just wanted to clarify.

And now... do I really have to wait until next year to read the next one???

And now.... the Die For Me theme song
Kiss Me Slowly (Parachute w/Lady Antebellum)