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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Review: Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

Bonded by Blood
by Laurie London
(Sweetbloods # 1) 
Paranormal Romance
3.5 Feathers

This was one of those "It was fine, alright, nothing special" book for me. I'm sad to say. There wasn't anything memorable about it, AND I didn't like the heroine.

The following issue was just a personal problem I seem to be having with books. Again we have the premises of a "special kind of blood" that is addictive to vampires. Every time I read that I think Twilight. Sorry, I do. But thank God the similarities end there. Mackenzie has that sweet blood, which is in fact addictive to vampires. She has the coolest, but could be weirdest at times, job I've ever read about. She is a location scout for movies etc. Basically her job is to drive around, find a perfect spot for a movie, take pictures, do research, and present it to her client.

She meets Dom, who is verra sexy, and he's an agent vampire, while taking pictures, at night, at an isolated cemetery. He has been on the trail of Pavlos, a bad DarkBlood vampire, who is kidnapping sweetbloods to increase his "drug trafficking" scheme.

MacKenzie was just, how can I say this nicely? A bit stupid, not a complete moron like other heroines, but she just made the wrong decisions at the worst times. She never understood why members of her family would out of nowhere disappear, so she lives her life now, or refuses to live is more like it, with the notion that at any moment she will disappear as well. So why bother going to school? Why bother dating someone? Why bother having friends? Why bother pursuing her art as a career? Oyyyyy And who does that to their name????

As I mentioned before, Dom is amazing. He is a wonderful hero, he first takes MacKenzie's blood while at the cemetery because he might have been almost dying, but he almost drains her and then has to feed her his blood. Which is technically illegal and creates a bit of a bond. Which we then understand is called a Blood Bond. Meant to happen between soul mates.

The rest of the story was actually interesting, there's enough mystery and action to keep you entertained.

I liked Lily as well. Love her bad ass attitude, her relationship with Dom and her scenes with the informant. All in all, it was a light, quick read.


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I actually loved this lol! I gave it a 5!

Denise Z said...

I have this book - this lovely author has it on Amazon for free and wow what a treat that is. Thank you for sharing today.

AngelaC said...

Didnt fall for hero but fell for story! :) loved the book!