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Sunday, 16 October 2011


Happy MOANday everyone! I'm back with your weekly dose of hotness! This week we have Henry Cavill, the next Superman! I came across these awesome pics of him and I just had to share with you all! What do you think? Cavill has bulked up for his role as the Man of Steel. I'd say all that hard work in the gym is being paid off hansomely.

Here he is in his skin tights!

So ladies? Will you be watching this movie when it releases?


In this pic, he reminds me of Judd from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling! Or maybe even Bones from Night Huntress?

Here are a few commercials he's done in the past. I had to share them as well. First off, he looks good in a suit. Secondly, the second video is all kinds of hot!



Myth said...

OMG my husband. Immortals come out 11-11-11 I can't wait!!!! He's the hottie of the year along with some other fine men!!

Ren said...

Where's Benita???
Oh, she already comment above me, LOL!
I'm not fans of Cavill, but I'm not blind to praise his manly maleness ;-)
Can't wait to see Immortal too.. And yesss, he can be (my) Bones!!!

Belle said...

He is soooo pretty! Love Cavilla, great hottie of the week!

Unknown said...

I can't stop staring at his bulge in the Superman pic! Now we know why he normally has his pants on over his tights...yo stop all the ladies swooning over his package!


Unknown said...

Defo looks hot in a suit!

Lexi said...

I fell in love with Henry Cavill in the Tudors, that look will always be my favorite. But that wont stop me from watching anything else he ever does =)

Unknown said...

@UTC - That bulge is the reason they are scrapping the suit. At least that is what I read. So sad, definitely would have brought in a lot of female viewers who might have otherwise skipped LOL! I will be watching no matter what, he would make a great Superman.

Lexi said it, I have loved him since The Tudors even though he was a manwhore on the show, he grew up. Not to mention all the times we saw his ass. Definitely no complaints here LOL! Great Hottie of the Week. Thanks hon :)

Unknown said...

Are they really scraping the suit because of that? I'm so sad now!!! But like you said, I'll be watching it anyways.

Thanks ladies!


Artemis said...

WOW! What a trainer can do - I want some!

AngelaC said...

Now there's MAN!

Tyraa said...

lmao! That suit cracks me up everytime. I'm not surprised it was scrapped lol

SaNnn~~~ said...

Awwww... This is definitely one of my fave :D :D :D

Can't wait to see him as Superman!