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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Review: Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister

Fire Me Up (Aisling Grey #2)
by Katie MacAlister
Urban Fantasy

After discovering in the first book that she is the supernatual world's doorman to the portals of hell aka a Guardian, Aisling decides to do the only thing you can in such situations. Goes to a convention. Full of mages, diviners, oracles and more Guardians Aisling hopes to find a mentor to help her with her new powers. However, she didn't expect to see Drake the wyvern of the green dragons and also her mate there, and she certainly didn't think she could yet again be a suspect in a murder inverstigation.

How much shit can one woman get into? Apparently a lot! Aisling pings from catastrophe to disaster like a human pinball; ding! Murder suspect! Ding! Incubus magnet! Ding! Dragon problems! I love it. Not only does it make for a fast paced story that leaves you a little breathless at the end, but it dishes out some really hilarious situations, all of which are commented on sarcastically by my favourite ever demon dog Jim!

Jim and Aisling, they are my favourite couple, I know they aren't a couple in the romantic sense but they are still my favourite couple. The barbs, the insults, the whining (from both of them!) that is the main reason I am reading these books. But on to the romantic couple Drake and Aisling, they really do burn up the pages and although this isn't a steamy book the love scenes get the pulse racing, although they are a little lost in the general cacophony that is Aisling's life. One of the aspects of this book which does stop it getting 5 stars instead of 4 is that Drake just doesn't grab me like other heroes do. He is okay, but personally he doesn't really enhance the books for me, I would like them just as much without him in it.

This was another great book in the series, like the previous book it isn't a WOW book, I wouldn't build a shrine to it glouriousness (not that I EVER do that *hides shrines*) but I am definitely enjoying it a lot, I love a book that can make me laugh.

My Favourite Jimism:

"You're not going to go all Buffy/Angel on me, are you? Mooning around bemoaning the forbidden love that cannot be? Because if you are, I'm finding myself a new demon lord. Love I can take, but mooning is not in my contract."

Terms of Endearment....Aisling Style!

"Oh! I know that word- it means 'darling'!" I glanced up at him. He was smiling. "What sort of darling? I know that smirk, Drake. It means there's something you're not telling me. Does draga mean hot, sexy studmuffin darling? Manly fleshed, well-endowed darling? Darling man who makes me slobber great big puddle of drool whenever I see him?