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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: Deadly Desires by Mackenzie McKade

Deadly Desires
by Mackenzie McKade
(Wicked Reads # 7)
Erotica Sci-Fi

I usually love the Wicked Reads short stories, so I don't read the blurbs anymore, just get them. Because of that I was a bit surprised to find this story was a sci-fi-romance. Totally not expecting that! After the initial shock of the genre I actually got into the story.

This is a lovers reunited tale. Princess Maya had an affair with Shannon Braxton. At the time he was engaged to be married to another. His intended ended up marrying a ruthless czar from another world.

After this czar is suspected of murdering all his previous wives, he now seeks to marry Princess Maya, and her father, in order to save her, has decided to marry her off to Shannon Braxton, who is now King in his world, after the death of his father. Not only to save her from a disastrous fate but as an allegiance between their two worlds.

Maya and Shannon will have to get past their previous issues of her believing she was basically dumped after he took her virginity, all while saving her from an obsessed killer.

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