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Friday, 14 October 2011

Review: Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister

Light My Fire (Aisling Grey #3)
by Katie MacAlister
Urban Fantasy

I am loving these books, but why can't I have the cover to the right!? I am enjoy a good look-and-drool and this cover would have helped me greatly, look at the gorgeous and manly man chest, we may have to play a game of find-the-nipple (he doesn't seem to have any!) but that could be fun! Oh well moving on....the book! Once again, Aisling get's into more crap then you can shake a stick at, problem number one: Jim ate the Imp King; problem number two: Drake is a right bastard who betrayed her trust; Problem number 3: a Prince of Hell is trying to coerce her into helping him; Problem number 4: the red dragons are trying to assasinate her...I could go on, as there are more but I only have so much room!

This book is very similar to the others, only set in London rather the Paris and Budapest. Aisling manages to entangles herself in disaster after disaster barely scrapping through one before another hits; however, despite the repeativeness of this I can't help but still be thoroughly entertained by these books, I cannot stress enough the effect of having a demon possesed Newfoundland making sarcastic comments, no matter what happens or how repeatative it becomes having Jim there will always guarentee that I will enjoy the book! I think that Jim should pop up into all boring books and spice them up a little, I wonder if Katie MacAlister would mind lending him out?

But, aside from my growing Jim obsession, I also have my Aisling obsession to nurture as well. I really like her, I like that she doesn't rely on Drake, her mate and instead solves problems on her own without expecting him to ride in and save the day. Most fated-to-be-mated storylines can often become this way. But I still seem to have a Drake problem, he just isn't doing it for me, Aisling loves him and he does have his moments where he makes me smile but he is just a little...meh-bring-back-Jim!

I am really loving this series at the moment, it is light hearted without being completely shallow, with a lot of humour and crazy situations to keep me glued to the page.


Lover Of Romance said...

Great review!! I really have enjoyed this author and had such a fun time reading this book!!!! Glad to hear that you did as well!